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PS3 is the number one Netflix device in the world

PS3 now the primary development platform
Dec 04
Sony and Netflix have informed us that the PS3 is the world's most popular device for the streaming Netflix service.  Wait, didn't the Wii have that on lock not too long ago? Well, not anymore, it seems. &ldquo... read

Aww: Wii U Nintendo TVii service pushed back to December

Sneaky Nintendo
Nov 16
[Update: At least the Netflix app will be ready in time for launch, it just won't be a part of TVii.] A massive press release this morning from Nintendo detailed this weekend's Wii U launch and ran down all of the system's fe... read

Control Netflix on your PS3 with hidden app function

Sep 26
There's a pretty cool feature hidden in the iOS and Android Netflix apps that PS3 owners may want to try out. Engadget found a second screen remote control 'easter egg' that lets you control Netflix on your PS3. If both your ... read

Netflix 'Just for Kids' launches on Xbox 360

Aug 08
While you and I cruise the Netflix listings for nudie flix, you wouldn't want your kids doing that. Enter Netflix "Just for Kids," launched today on Xbox 360 as an addition to the current Netflix app. This new service, aimed... read

Netflix privacy policy changes after class-action lawsuit

Jul 30
Are you one of the bazillions that watches Netflix on their game systems, mobile devices or enabled TV sets? Current and former Netflix subscribers saw a message hit their inbox tonight informing them of a lawsuit filed again... read

Netflix, Flickr and Twitter apps now available for Vita

Feb 22
Many of you are unwrapping/charging/updating your brand new PS Vita systems right now. I'm happy for you! Know that several of the Vita apps have just hit the PlayStation Store and are ready for download. They all require web... read

Xbox 360 update addresses color issues

Feb 16
When next you turn on your Xbox 360, be prepared to download a patch. Microsoft has issued an update to the Xbox 360 which is intended to fix color issues many were experiencing after the console's most recent dashboard chang... read

Netflix doesn't have any plans to rent out videogames

Jan 25
Back when Netflix was still pushing to split up its streaming service and physical-media rentals, the idea to rent out videogames was kicked around. We weren't pleased to hear that first part -- and its death was celebrated b... read

DTOID News Flash: Diablo III, CES, and delays galore!

Jan 10
It's time for yet another quick news flash, courtesy of The Destructoid Show! Now that we've officially joined the Revision3 team, you can expect to see a lot more videos like this popping up on the homepage. On today's DTOI... read

CES: Netflix headed to PlayStation Vita in the US

Jan 09
Speaking at Sony's CES 2012 press conference, Kaz Hirai came on stage to give us a little bit of gaming news in between the tech talk. Netflix is going to offer its streaming service on PlayStation Vita in the United States, ... read

Videogame workshop gets your grandparents game on

Oct 18
My grandma is ace at bowling in Wii Sports -- and yes that is her throwing it down in the pic above (be nice and send some positive energy her way as she's currently in the hospital). But while she may have the natural bowlin... read

It only announced them last last month, but Netflix has already scrapped plans to re-brand its DVD-by-mail service as Qwikster. The company has instead decided to keep everything it does under the one name.  "We underest... read feature


Lights Out: Battlefield beta woes, Netflix and ICO on top

Oct 01
[Lights Out: A Destructoid Newsreel is a video series highlighting a selection of Destructoid staff and contributors, featuring a discussion of the news of the day over a spirited round of Team Fortress 2.] Time to wra... read

The DTOID Show: It's our TGS 2011 Wrap-Up!

Sep 20
Greetings, viewers! We're back from the weekend with a hangover and a handful of news for ya!Now that Hamza "Harry" Aziz is back from terrorizing those poor Japanese women, we've been blessed with our remaining news from the... read

Following an outcry earlier this year when it added separate plans for its physical DVD mailing service and streaming, Netflix has completely rebranded the service for the former. Now called Qwikster, a post on the official N... read feature


The current Xbox 360 dashboard is kind of a clusterf*ck. Netflix, Hulu, and ESPN integration are great (as I use them pretty much daily), but a redesign is clearly needed. You can point the finger at Microsoft for its stat... read feature


Wii is the most popular console for Netflix streaming

Jul 30
Earlier this week, the Nielsen media research company posted a breakdown of Netflix and Hulu devices by usage. Though the PC is far and away the most common Hulu platform, the Netflix numbers are a tad more surprising. While ... read

Nintendo DLC: Netflix, Rickrolls and pixel cars

Jul 14
HAHAHA! Netflix on that little screen! HAHAHAH! If you're down for Netflix in miniature on your 3DS screen, you can download an app today for free to let you log on and watch. Check out the awesome, awesome screenshots above ... read

New Destructoid Episode: 3DS Netflix, Popcap, and Aliens!

Jul 13
Ahoy, all! Or something. I really am totally out of cute ways to introduce the show in these silly, silly posts I do. Video game news! [fart noise] First, PopCap Games has been acquired by EA, for MILLIONS of dollars. Or pos... read

Tomorrow's 3DS update adds Netflix functionality

Jul 13
Anticipating getting your hands on the Netflix app for 3DS this summer? I hope tomorrow works for you, North Americans. That's when your handhelds will get the ability to stream movies and television shows. The download itsel... read

Ad says Netflix for 3DS is coming 'this Summer'

Jul 13
According an advertisement for Netflix, the popular video streaming service is making its way to 3DS systems this Summer. The service was promised way back in March, but very little has been said since then.  I literally... read

Netflix on Xbox 360 now has Kinect support

Apr 14
If you use Netflix a lot, and happen to have Kinect, then you'll finally have a reason to use the motion control device again from today onwards. A new update enables Kinect support for Netflix, which comes with all the wavin... read

GDC 11: Netflix coming to Nintendo 3DS this summer

Mar 02
This morning during the 2011 Game Developers Conference keynote speech, Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime announced that Netflix would be coming to the Nintendo 3DS this summer. While the details of the software haven't been revealed, it's expected it will work similarly to other mobile Netflix software. read

PSA: Your Netflix Wii disc won't work after February 16

Feb 11
Just a heads up to everyone who uses that dusty old physical DVD to stream Netflix moves to your television via your Wii: it's not going to work for much longer. According to an email sent out to Netflix members, the Wii disc... read

Destructoid: Mike Haggar, Kinectflix, and Phonestation

Jan 08
Good heavens, true believer. It's Friday. You know what that means, don't you? That's right. It's time for another episode of The Destructoid Show that's guaranteed to make you feel all tingly in your bathing-suit area... read

CES: Xbox 360's services are 'richer' and 'more social'

Jan 07
If you haven't noticed, just about all of these net-connected set-top boxes and game systems are starting to have similar functions. Even television sets will let you log into Netflix or Hulu, view your pictures or check your... read

Netflix's multiple user interfaces explained

Nov 27
Had the chance to check out Netflix on your PlayStation 3? Most likely the answer is yes. In that case have you had the chance to check out all three versions of it on your PS3? Whether you knew it or not there have been thre... read

Netflix on Wii impressions

Apr 24
Because the Wii lacks in many areas compared to its HD brethren, it's easy to forget that it can be a capable machine when properly exploited. So when Netflix announced back in January that it was going to enable instant s... read

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