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EA wants Origin to be the Facebook to Steam's Myspace

Jun 25
// Jim Sterling
Origin has not exactly had a warm reception among the vocal gamer community, but it has nevertheless performed adequately. Electronic Arts, of course, isn't satisfied with being second best (even though it always is) and has ...

Woman bought Live Vision camera for boy, offered 'free show'

Jul 31
// Conrad Zimmerman
The human penis is well-known to be instinctively drawn to Xbox Live Vision cameras, as anyone who has spent enough time (an hour or so) playing Uno can tell you. With that idea in mind, a recently convicted Ohio woman purcha...

MySpace aiming to be a gaming platform

Jul 25
// Jim Sterling
MySpace may be getting its arse handed to it by the likes of Facebook and Twitter, but the former king of social networks believes it has an ace up its sleeve -- it's going to get into games. Those in charge of the site that ...

Konami launches a MySpace music games page, contest, and DDR web game

Nov 24
// Dale North
Konami has pulled together all of their new music titles and made a MySpace page, opting for the use of game information and videos over sexily posed webcam shots and annoying classic rock tunes on autoplay. Aside from covera...

DC Universe Online, a world where games have their own MySpace pages

Jul 02
// Nick Chester
Before today, I really didn't know much about Sony Online Entertainment's MMO, DC Universe Online. But then it sent me a MySpace friend request and ... wait, what the hell? Why do games have their own MySpace pages? Is that l...

Robotobots 'Wii mix' console's channel music

May 03
// Nick Chester
I have a confession, and I don't want anyone to laugh. I didn't buy the Wii to play games. You see, here's the thing -- if Nintendo was truly all about the games, they wouldn't have made their menu music so da...

A fistful of video game art and music

Mar 19
// Niero Gonzalez
Flynn's incredible Mog of War discovery inspired me to take a day to explore video game art on the web ... and by that, I mean that I did absolutely *nothing* for the last 5 hours but slack on MySpace and Deviant Art. The...

Strategically placed G-nades rape Zelda

Feb 12
// Niero Gonzalez
Some things should be sacred to gamers, like Nintendo's roast beef. Luckily, three guys out of Jacksonville refuse to conform and have released a NSFW rendition of Zelda: The Adventure of Link's cave crawling tune ent...

You have forced me to sink to a new low

Dec 10
// Robert Summa
Look people, do you think it feels good to get out-friended by the likes of Kevin Periera on MySpace? Do you understand how large a hit my ego takes when I see this stuff? I didn't want to have to resort to begging, but ...

Shawn Fanning thinks WoW needs a MySpace

Dec 03
// Earnest Cavalli
Shawn Fanning, the egghead behind the P2P program that struck fear into the hearts of the RIAA way back in the halcyon early 90s, Napster, has decided that World of Warcraft needs an online social networking site, somewhat si...

If Warhol and Kraftwerk made game music, they'd probably be Keb Keb Keb

Nov 17
// Niero Gonzalez
Words fail, as does my perception to understand what this band's name actually is. These musicians are some sort of homogenized chiptune band who's MySpace Music page is so dysfunctional that it defies logical categor...

disasterPEACE: Atebite and the Warring Nations

Nov 12
// Niero Gonzalez
Somewhere between electronica and great 8-bit soundtracks lies disasterPEACE, an experimental arrangement band possesed by the haunting sounds of gameboy sound cards and everything good that came out of Kurzweil in the 80'...

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