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Tara Long and Conrad give E3 impressions on JTV

Jun 14
// Jesse Cortez
This year at E3, Destructoid's channel was able to bring interviews directly from the convention center. Tara Long and Conrad Zimmerman had a chance to stop by and talk briefly about their favorite games of E3, wha...

E3: Live Show: Non-stop gaming event with NOS

Jun 09
// Jon Carnage
Destructoid's Mash Tactics crew is live at CraveOnline's non-stop NOS-chugging gaming booth located across from the West Hall.  We're interviewing the team that are attempting to beat the 31 hour Guinness World Record in...

E3: launches TwitchTV: Pro gaming gameplay vids

Jun 07
// Pico Mause
Do you like watching StarCraft II strategy videos? Then you'll dig this. Our friends at have announced a new site called Twitch TV, a site dedicated to showcasing gameplay video from their most popular gaming broadc...

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