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Monolith Soft on 3DS? photo
Monolith Soft on 3DS?

Monolith Soft also working on a 3DS game?

Pretty tease art
Feb 03
After the announcement of an upcoming Xeno-series game from Monolith Soft for the Wii U last month, I had everything I needed from them for this year. But today a surprise pops up -- another potential Monolith Soft game for 3... read

DICE working on porting Frostbite to Mac OS X

The coffee shops are about to get frosty
Jan 29
A job listing reveals that DICE is currently working on bringing Mac OS X compatibility to its Frostbite game engine. The listing calls for a "Mac OS X Engineer" who will help the Frostbite team deliver" an engine as great on... read

SuperBot is hiring, could be for PlayStation All-Stars 2

Is a sequel already in the cards?
Dec 12
I really enjoyed my time with PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, and I wouldn't mind a sequel somewhere down the line with more characters that helped define the platform (if Sony could work out deals with Activision to get... read

Rockstar's hiring everybody

Even your nan
Dec 11
Rockstar's been rather busy of late, drip feeding us screenshots and trailers of Grand Theft Auto V while, presumably, working on said game. They've also been doing quite a bit of hiring. For months now Rockstar North ha... read

Sledgehammer hiring for new Call of Duty title

...for Xbox 360 and PS3
Nov 19
A new Call of Duty title? No one would be surprised. But one for the Xbox 360 and PS3? Hmm. Sledgehammer Games, the co-developers of Modern Warfare 3, are hiring a Senior Environment Artist for an upcoming Call of Duty f... read

Valve is entering the computer hardware space

Frustrated by the lack of innovation
Sep 03
On its job postings page, Valve is looking to bring on an industrial designer. The description for this position says that the company is "hoping to add your expertise in product design and manufacturing, ergonomics, usabili... read

Harmonix hiring a Combat Designer for next-gen game

Aug 21
Now here's an interesting curiosity. It seems that Cambridge-based developer Harmonix is hiring for a position rather unlike what you may expect of them: A Combat Designer. Here's a bit of what they had in mind, found in the ... read

Game Career Guide will help you get good game jorbs

Jul 15
One of the most asked questions I get as a game journalist is "How do you write crazy awesome game reviews and have non-stop sex with Russian models in the back of bazillion dollar sports cars all the time?" The second most a... read

YouTube hiring for work on next generation consoles

Apr 18
YouTube has listed a job position for a software engineer that will develop versions of YouTube to work with next generation consoles. Under the listed responsibilities we find that they're looking to "build the next generat... read

Remedy is working on a game for next gen consoles

Mar 22
Remedy Entertainment is hiring for their next game, which they say is a project 'targeted at future generation consoles.' A posting on Remedy's community forums let members know that more than 20 job openings will open up in ... read

Job listing points to Limbo port for iOS and Android

Feb 28
A new Playdead job listing on Gamasutra asks for a programmer that can help port games to new platforms. Playdead's Limbo is available for Xbox 360, PS3, computers and OnLive, but the Copenhagen, Denmark based studio is ... read

Kojima Productions plans to open new studio in California

Feb 22
Kojima Productions confirms that they're looking to open a new studio in California. A tweet from senior producer Kenichiro Imaizumi says that they're looking to set up shop in The Golden State, but only if they "can find the... read

New Ubisoft MMO could be a Wii U title

Dec 06
Ubisoft are working on a new AAA MMORPG, the publisher revealed through a tweet looking for new staff. A sleuth on NeoGAF spotted it and now the tubes are abuzz with speculation. Following the link on the tweet takes you to t... read

Gearbox is casting an IRL Lilith for Borderlands 2

Nov 30
Gearbox is needing a live-action lookalike for one of their Borderlands characters, Lilith. The person casted will become Lilith, and will appear in Borderlands 2 as well as at trade shows and other events. What a great gig! ... read

Job listings at Treyarch could point to new games

Oct 05
If you're poking around the job listings on Treyarch's webpage you might get the feeling that they're working on something new. The following are duties (HA! Get it? Duty?) that point to new games. Look at the listing ... read

LucasArts now hiring for new projects

Sep 15
In the mid-to-late nineties, LucasArts was one of the most exciting game developers on the planet. Since then, the quality of their titles has been rather hit-and-miss. That latter-day disappointment may be about to change, a... read

Ubisoft is hiring help: Assassin's Creed encyclopedia

Mar 24
 Ubisoft sent me a heads-up on this job this morning. As you may know, they're working on an Assassin's Creed encyclopedia. That's a huge undertaking and they're needing some help. This is a real gig ... read

Consistency, thy name is NOT Entertainment Weekly

Dec 18
So, yesterday we talked about how Entertainment Weekly voted Kirby's Epic Yarn the single worst game of 2010. While a bizarre choice in a year that saw games full of real technical, design and visual flaws, EW is entitled to ... read

Microsoft Game Studios is looking for talent for XBLA

Nov 16
Microsoft Game Studios is on the hunt for talent. They're wanting people to make Xbox Live Arcade and Windows Phone 7 games. They say that they're "aggressively" looking for both established and new developers to make games. ... read

Sledgehammer games is hiring, work on Call of Duty

Aug 15
Are you one of those people who has serious doubts about Call of Duty being any good now that Infinity Ward has exploded and developers like Sledgehammer games are jumping into the franchise? Well, don't just bitch about it! ... read

Round 1 of Modern Method's movie site hiring complete

Aug 10
After sorting through nearly 200 applications and more Inception reviews than any one person should ever read, Tom and I have narrowed our list down for the second round of the hiring process for Modern Method's new movie sit... read

Last call: Destructoid is hiring a video ham

Jul 26
Deadline reminder!  Today's the last day to submit a video.  Good luck!  Over 200 people applied, so we haven't seen them all yet or even read the emails.  I'm extremely thankful to everyone that applied, ... read

Looking for some writers for Modern Method's upcoming movie site

Jul 20
Oh yes, it's coming. Problem is it can't come until we get some writers to fill it up with content. I suppose you can consider this the semi-official announcement before the official announcement when everything will be revea... read

343 Industries bringing on more talent for new Halo game

Jul 01
We haven't a clue what the next installment in the Halo franchise will be like on any meaningful level, but we do know 343 Industries is handling its development. And now, we also know that the studio is in need of some fresh... read

ESRB is hiring a ratings summary manager

Jul 01
I could do that sh*t! Really, it's not to far from what I do everyday anyway. Wait, we don't fact check or do any kind of proof-reading, or at least that's what this guy will tell you. Edit? Make sure that things are "written... read

Bungie is moving, you can help

May 16
Do you just love to move objects from one place to another in a highly organized manner? Maybe you're the friend who everyone always asks to help them move. Maybe you're just unemployed and want to work at Bungie. If any of t... read

Multiple resignations hit LucasArts

May 08
This can't be good news for the ongoing development of The Force Unleashed 2, but it has been confirmed that multiple executives have resigned from LucasArts, including president Darrell Rodriguez, who only had the job for ar... read

Bungie job posting might point to new direction

May 03
Bungie is looking for a new Lead Writer, somebody to manage a team of writers, blah blah blah. If you've got a lot of experience and such, well, maybe they'll hire you. That's not the interesting bit about the position. One o... read

Square Enix hiring to build a new game engine

Mar 13
As time progresses and technology races forward gaming engines start to get old. At some point game developers must put their old game engines out to pasture and start to develop new ones so that they can keep up with the eve... read

PSA: 2K Marin is a developer that makes games

Jan 29
A recent job listing on 2K Marin's Web site indicates that the BioShock 2 developer is building a game not named BioShock 2 -- an "exciting" unannounced game that will have some sort of multiplayer component. Also, fish swim;... read

A lot of Halo work going on at Microsoft

Jan 09
Seasons change, people die, taxes come and Halo makes money for Microsoft. These things are facts of life that will never change, so it should come as no surprise that Microsoft is building up 343 Industries, the Microsoft Ga... read

NFL Blitz creator Mark Turmell joins EA Tiburon

Jan 08
EA Sports announced this morning (as reported by Joystiq three days ago) that former Midway arcade sports wizard Mark Turmell has taken a position as the Senior Creative Director of EA Tiburon. Turmell made his name as the cr... read

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