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Jaffe to Destructoid: Can't I have an opinion!?

Dec 01
Twisted Metal director David Jaffe upset a number of our more mental Xbox 360 fanboys yesterday when we quoted his comments on console exclusivity. After earning a torrent of vitriol from various community members for flying ... read

Sonic Team justifies Sonic 4's notorious physics

Nov 29
I never had a problem with Sonic 4's physics, but "fans" around the world are furious. Just do a Youtube search for "Sonic 4 physics" and you'll see a legion of rage-fueled videos from confirmed virgins. Sonic Team direc... read

Codies: Gran Turismo 5 'could be accused' of being boring

Nov 24
It seems everybody's lining up to have a crack at Gran Turismo 5. Electronic Arts has said that the game was sterile compared to Need For Speed, and now that giant of the racing genre, Codemasters, has said that the PS3 exclu... read

Enslaved writer got 'f*cking sick' of his PS3

Oct 05
28 Days Later and Enslaved: Odyssey to the West writer Alex Garland has confessed that he only bothered to play Heavenly Sword after meeting its developer, due to his being "f*cking sick" of the PS3. "There weren't any origin... read

Fans fix DmC's Dante, make him look worse

Oct 04
Surprise, surprise. The backlash over DmC's "new" Dante has reached its inevitable conclusion, with fans taking it upon themselves to play designer and give the protagonist's controversial appearance a brand new makeover. The... read

E3 10: Browsing through Battlestar Galactica Online

Jun 16
For fans of the Battlestar Galactica, the frakkin universe of polygamist, polytheistic humans versus the monotheistic robotic Cylons is a clusterfrak of frakkin proportions. Now that the show ended and the spin-off, Caprica, ... read

Sometimes, game makers lie

May 20
Whether they intend to or not, game makers lie. Sometimes they do it on purpose and sometimes things just happen that they have no control over. I still feel for Capcom's Shinji Mikami when he said that he would commit suicid... read

Mega Man fan film out on May 7

Apr 22
Iron Man 2 won't be the only movie dealing with robots on May 7. Eddie Lebron's epic Mega Man: The Fan Film movie is finally done! The full length movie will be out in two weeks time and you'll be able to catch it over on Scr... read

Ekans haters boo Final Fantasy XIII 360 at launch event

Mar 12
This is ... amazing. Amazing beyond words. At the Final Fantasy XIII launch event in London, people who hate Ekans showed just how much of a raw nerve the game's multiplatform status is. At the mere mention of the Xbox 360 v... read

During our interview with 2K Marin concerning BioShock 2, we couldn't resist asking about fanboyism and the console wars. BioShock was, itself, at the center of a battle between Xbox 360 loyalists and Sony insurgents, as its ... read feature


We've been chatting with Microsoft minister of propaganda Aaron Greenberg, wanting to crack open his head like a big beautiful coconut and gorge on the milk inside. Greenberg is a man known for sparking controversy with his s... read feature


Cameron thinks Halo fanboys should STFU about Avatar

Jan 12
James Cameron, director, visionary and broodmother of James Cameron Presents James Cameron's Avatar Made By James Cameron, believes that videogame nerds, especially Halo fans, need to shut their holes about his latest epic mo... read

Fanboyism should be called religous fandamentalism

Dec 20
We've all seen fanboys before. Ranting and raving, upsetting themselves by pretending that other people are trying to upset them, feeling persecuted while happily persecuting others. Wait, did I just describe fanboys or relig... read

The Associated Press' top ten games of 2009

Dec 09
Following on from Time magazine's top ten games of the year, the Associated Press has chimed in with a list of its own. Unlike the eclectic and rather strange top ten of Time, it seems that AP has taken a walk on the safer si... read

IGN readers HATE Modern Warfare 2

Nov 10
Prepare your sides for the splitting of a lifetime, because this is comedy you just can't buy! IGN officially gave the PC version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 a 9.5, but when you compare it to the average reader review, ... read

Insomniac bummed over Resistance 2 fan response

Oct 25
Developers make games for the fans -- or at least they say they do. A lot of times I think it's for the money, but in the case of Insomniac we'll give them the benefit of the doubt. Since they make games because they want peo... read

Console fanboys make Infinity Ward angry

Oct 16
Did you know what when Infinity Ward revealed the packshot for Modern Warfare 2, some people were bitching and whining that an Xbox 360 box was revealed and not a PS3 one, even though they basically look the same? Seriously, ... read

Metal Gear Solid fan movie looks pretty good

Sep 28
I say looks pretty good because I haven’t watched Metal Gear Solid Philanthropy yet. This fan made movie is 70 minutes long and I’m feeling way too A.D.D. to focus on one thing at the moment. Topless Robot watche... read

Fact: PS3 fanboys are the worst

Sep 20
[Editor's Note: We're not just a (rad) news site -- we also publish opinions/editorials from our community & employees like this one, though be aware it may not jive with the opinions of Destructoid as a whole, or how our... read

Talking to the Needlemouse: The Emerald Hills developers

Sep 14
There's been a lot of talk about the brand new, 2D, high-definition Sonic game. It's been something people have wanted for a long time, and the idea that this could be a sort of “Sonic 4” is pretty damn amazing.... read

Team 17 calls Microsoft bribe accusations 'bollocks'

Jul 27
Worms enjoyed an exclusive period of time on Xbox Live Arcade before gracing other digital platforms with its presence, and Team 17's other big revival, Alien Breed: Evolution, appears to be doing the same thing. Of course, w... read

Fan made Star Fox project looks pretty amazing

Jul 17
Star Fox: Shadows of Lylat is a fan made Star Fox project that has been in the works for six years now. Six years is a long time for a fan project but there’s a lot on offer here. Space and ground missions, co-op, mul... read

New Metroid II fan remake trailer gives me the fish sweats

Jun 16
My God this game is looking incredible.After more than a year in production (and after a fair share of Destructoid posts about it), the fan remake of underrated Game Boy game Metroid II: Return of Samus is nearing completion.... read

How Killzone 2 is blatantly better than Halo 3

Mar 02
Killzone 2 launched exclusively for the PlayStation 3 this Friday, generating much bias from biased people who are biased. It also sold quite a few copies and has been setting the PlayStation Network afire with grenade spam a... read

Black Smoke: The power of suggestion & the art of self-trolling

Feb 08
In 1938, Orson Welles narrated and directed a radio adaptation of H.G Wells' classic sci-fi novel, The War of the Worlds. Using the book as the basis of a simulated news broadcast, Welles and his cast members detailed the inv... read

Metacritic responds to more fanboy 'score war' nonsense ... we smell a rat

Jan 04
This was already addressed, but it seems like fanboys are still causing trouble with their tendency to use Metacritic's user reviews as giant wang-measuring contests. Feeling the sting from having Killzone 2's user rating red... read

Come watch the Spike VGAs with Destructoid! (Live blog and more)

Dec 14
We're moments away from the televised broadcast of the 2008 Spike Video Game Awards, live from Los Angeles, California. Now despite the fact that I am on the 2008 VGA Advisory Council this year, helping to pick both nomi... read

Halo themed wedding? Dramamine abuse? This love story has it all

Dec 13
This just in: Fanboys can be weird. If you need proof, look no further than Florida, where a happy couple are planning a Halo-themed wedding and intend to be married by none other than Master Chief himself. Yes.MTV has the sc... read

Sci-Fi is a troll, posts top ten overrated games of 2008

Dec 10
Wow, God bless the Sci-Fi channel. Trolling fanboys can be an art form, but Sci-Fi's blog Fidgit has gone all out with its top ten list of the year's most overrated videogames. Including such gems as Braid and PS3 exclusives ... read

Mega Man + period blood = the most disturbed fan art ever

Dec 02
Ladies and gentlemen, I now present to you evidence of what happens when fanboyism is allowed to become something ... more. Sure, we all have our gaming vices, and I am sure we have sometimes gone above and beyond the call of... read

Metacritic to tighten up user reviews following fanboy score wars

Nov 05
The other day I ranted quite sternly about how console fanboys were using Metacritic as their stupidest battleground yet, deliberately giving platform exclusives low scores before they'd even launched. It seems that Metacriti... read

Metacritic: The most pathetic battleground of the console wars

Nov 03
It never ceases to amaze me how low some pathetic wankers go in order to prove the "superiority" of their favorite videogames machine. I thought the guys who made little YouTube videos about it with Windows Movie Ma... read

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