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12:36 PM on 12.02.2008

iPhone drug pushing game on the way, renamed itself for App-ceptability

The world of a drug dealer is not something I'd ever imagine as videogame-friendly entertainment, but that hasn't stopped developer a-steroids from bringing Drug Lords to the iPhone. At least, it used to be called Drug Lord...

Jim Sterling

11:19 AM on 05.27.2008

SCEA calls the PSP a 'gateway drug' into consoles

SCEA senior marketing manager John Koller called the PlayStation Portable a "gateway drug" into the console world at the 6th annual Wedbush Morgan Securities Management Access Conference, recently held in New York C...

Dale North

4:37 AM on 05.03.2008

Does GTA IV promote drunk driving?

Rockstar just can't help themselves, it seems. As well as all the SORDID HARD SEX (i.e, some strippers and dry humping) and the REALISTIC MURDER SIMULATIONS (i.e, being able to work a sniper rifle without any prior experience...

Jim Sterling

10:57 PM on 04.09.2008

Grand Theft Box Office, Sessler's take on an old Hollywood's tale

During the course of this week's episode of Sessler's Soapbox, the ever suave, yet somewhat neurotic G4 host takes on the controversial subject of release dates for popular games -- and their star killing properties. He may ...


10:34 PM on 04.09.2008

Game Suppli: vitamin supplements for gamers

As gamers, we have a sort of reputation for being unhealthy. I'm not saying that all of us slam bottles Mountain Dew and cram a slice of pizza in between rounds, but you know what I'm talking about. There's gamers out there t...

Dale North

9:10 PM on 01.03.2008

Gravity be damned: Just Cause 2 details surface

Avalanche Studios is bringing Rico Rodriguez back for more gravity-defying action with a sequel to its free-roaming third-person shooter, Just Cause. In an interview with CVG, Just Cause 2's lead designer Peter Johansson talk...

Jordan Devore

11:33 AM on 12.17.2007

Who needs drugs when you have videogames?

We recently told you how videogames are being used to cure migrane headaches, and now it looks like a similar approach is being taken to chronic pain.It seems that virtual reality can offer as much relief as pain meds, and a ...

Dale North

1:48 PM on 12.11.2007

Super Mario Power Up! Energy Drink contains cocaine

Ok, it doesn't, really. But if it had, wouldn't it have been some crazy gossip to tell your friends? "So, I was up trying to finish this paper, and I only had 6 hours left before class, so I slammed a few Power Ups and f...

Colette Bennett

1:53 AM on 11.09.2007

Mass Effect metaporn: Strip clubs in the future will still be poorly lit

The above clip demonstrates Mass Effect's stunning slutty-aliens-designed-to-pander-to-teens rendering system. Then again, maybe we're being too cynical. After all, it would be unrealistic to think the future wouldn't also ...

Earnest Cavalli

9:38 AM on 11.06.2007

Livin' it up in a virtual crackhouse: New sim designed to help kick the habit

If you're anything like me, you'll find drug abuse hilarious, but there are some out there who take it very seriously indeed. Drug addicts, mainly, but university professors as well (who may or may not be heroin fiends themse...

Jim Sterling

4:20 AM on 11.06.2007

Square Enix the dirty wino: Bringing the sauce to DS

When Square Enix isn't busy whoring out its major videogame franchise to anyone who'll listen, it can be found in a street corner bar, a glass of merlot in hand, looking down on all and sundry behind gilded spectacles, for it...

Jim Sterling

4:13 AM on 10.19.2007

Five new Haze screens: Needs more companion cube ...

Courtesy of NeoGAF poster Blimblim who "Just got these from Ubisoft", we bring you a gallery of five new screens from the upcoming current PS3 exclusive Haze. Based on the pics, it's quite obvious that the game look...

Earnest Cavalli

11:13 PM on 10.16.2007

More Achievements = higher sales, better reviews, tastier muffins

This piece at IGN has an intriguing look at the world of Achievements from a sales perspective. It seems that games emphasizing various levels of accomplishment (and containing a higher number of varied accomplishments) tend ...

Earnest Cavalli

10:49 AM on 09.12.2007

Smackdown vs. Raw 2008 brings the filthy wrestlers to Nintendo's DS

Wrestling is the modern era's poetry, a deep and philosophical journey toward the center of a man's soul. It represents the pinnacle of mankind's achievements, the highest of art and the most refined of our cultural creations...

Jim Sterling

12:41 PM on 08.20.2007

Space Giraffe and Street Trace: NYC on XBLA this Wednesday

Space Giraffe (400 MS Points) and Street Trace: NYC (800 MS Points) will indeed be this week's Live Arcade games. If you've been following Jeff Minter's blog, you know what the certification process has been like for him. Tha...

Jordan Devore

Gamefly bumps up subscription prices ... no more Faberge eggs for you! photo
Gamefly bumps up subscription prices ... no more Faberge eggs for you!
by William Haley

With the rising prices on video games and the sheer volume of worthwhile titles to play, online rental service Gamefly is a god-send, the likes of which have not been seen since Adriana Lima's emergency escape pod crash-landed on this planet. Unfortunately, when not helping rescue burning orphans and making cookies for old people, Gamefly also runs a business. That business has expenses. Thanks to the recent postage hike, those expenses have now become your expenses.

As of June 18th, all Gamefly subscription rates will be increased by an unbelievably astoundingly ridiculously whopping $1. While one dollar now may not seem so bad, think back to what you thought the first time gas was making it's way past the $2 per gallon mark. I say we rise up against the tyranny that lives in the hearts of men now before our faces are raped by throbbing purple--- you know what, on second thought just pay the extra dollar. Jesus would.

[Via Gamespot]

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