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Cosplay photo
You would have to be half mad to dream these up
Welcome to our new regular column showcasing some of the world's most amazing videogame and other geek centric cosplays (costume play). To kick it off, we're going mostly old-school with a stunning Princess Zelda, feisty Stre... read feature


Great cosplay at San Diego Comic-Con 2013

Dressed to impress
Jul 21
San Diego Comic-Con never fails to impress when it comes to cosplay. Thursday and Friday were a bit limited when it came to costume variety, but today was a different story. In fact, the only thing stopping nearly endless cos... read

The impressive cosplay of London Comic-Con 2013

There's even celebrities!
Jul 18
San Diego Comic-Con is happening this week! So to celebrate here's a montage of cosplayers and even celebrities rocking it at London Comic-Con. Okay, I would have posted this regardless of SDCC happening right now. Expect way more cosplay goodness as the week goes by. [Via The Awesomer] read

Let's take a look at all the cosplay from Anime Expo 2013

So many cosplayers
Jul 09
Anime Expo 2013 went down this past weekend, and you know what that means right? Cosplay video montage time! KBLnoodles has released three montages so far, all showcasing some awesome cosplay from novices and pros alike. I j... read
Rocky contest photo
Up for grabs are the Rocky collection on Blu-ray, t-shirts, figurines, and more
[Update: Contest over! Winners are Marche100, MJMyLover, and Michael Peditto!] Our friends at Flashman Studios and MGM recently unveiled a collection of clothes and items in the Xbox Avatar Marketplace based on everyone's fav... read feature

Star Trek TNG contest photo
Celebrate the launch of Star Trek: The Next Generation Avatar items on Xbox Live
[Update: Contest over! Winners are ZeroForte, Pixielated, dunnace, A Char, WSwan, Swishiee, DrippingSins, Shawn Kelfonne, Char Aznable, and Matt Evans.] Our friends at Flashman Studios recently unveiled an awesome new line of... read feature


QWOP guy is back with a vengeance

Jun 01
Remember last year when a guy dressed up as the QWOP guy? Well he did it again at this year's Anime North, going to the extreme with his QWOPing. read

Borderlands 2 cosplayers unite for this rad music video

Nerd culture filmed at its finest
May 31
Like every meeting of the nerd minds, you can expect a healthy amount of awesome cosplay, and the London Comic Con is no exception. Not satisfied with a mere gallery, the folks behind the YouTube channel sneakyzebra made two... read

Witness the cosplay of Animazement 2013

BeatDownBoogie's latest montage
May 30
BeatDownBoogie went to Animazement 2013 and did what they do best. The cosplay montage video is just over nine minutes filled with a ton of cosplayers repping games like Borderlands 2, Zelda, Final Fantasy, and more. You can check out still images of a lot of these cosplayers over on Beat Down Boogie's Facebook page, plus see a bunch of others over on Japanator in not one, but two galleries! read

Rad Halo musical cover features a lot of Spartans

Music and cosplay come together!
May 22
Remember that wonderful Zelda violin cover? With cosplay and everything? Well Lindsey Stirling is back, this time doing a cover of the Halo theme while an all out Spartan war is happening around her. It's a pretty good cover, and I love how the 405th Halo cosplayers are just battling it out. read
StarCraft II photo
StarCraft II

StarCraft II Kerrigan cosplay is out of this world

For the swarm!
Apr 04
Pro cosplayer Tasha is at it again with another mind-blowing cosplay depicting the Queen of Blades from StarCraft II. I can't imagine how much work it took to make the whole costume, let alone the process even involved in trying to put it on. Tasha has a few more pictures of the outfit over on her Facebook. Check out our cosplay page for more amazing cosplay photos. read
Cosplay photo

A montage of Katsucon's videogame and anime cosplay

That Avatar outfit was pretty badass
Feb 23
Our friends over at Beat Down Boogie did what they do best and filmed cosplayers showing off their outfits over at Katsuco 2013. Team Fortress 2, Mass Effect, Devil May Cry, Borderlands 2, Final Fantasy, Zelda, and plenty more all get some costume loving here. read
Skryim photo

Skyrim's Nightingale armor looks great in real life

Cosplay all the things!
Feb 06
Skyrim is starting to become my favorite game in terms of all the awesome cosplay that it's inspired. I was most impressed with the Dovahkiin Daedric armor cosplay, and the same goes for the Nightingale Armor created and mode... read
Sexy Sly Coopy photos  photo
Sexy Sly Coopy photos

Get yourself randy with these Sly Cooper furries

Celebrate Sly Cooper's new release by having a very special release of your own
Feb 05
As a long time series fan, I'm excited for Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time's release today. So, I'm celebrating in the only way I know how: by posting random NSFW images of Sly Cooper, of course! read
Paper Gear Rising photo
Paper Gear Rising

The world's cheapest Metal Gear Rising cosplay

More like "Paper Gear Rising"
Jan 28
They must have a lot of free time over at Kojima Productions. I mean, it's not like they are busy working on new Metal Gear games or anything! A few hours ago, Hideo Kojima tweeted this picture of former Metal Gear Rising pro... read
Skyrim photo

Feast your eyes on this amazingly detailed Skyrim armor

So good you'd think it's a screenshot from the actual game
Jan 18
deviantART user Chris "Zerios88" Wolvie states on his page that he's a "little noob cosplayer." Sir, I beg to differ. Chris custom made his own Dovahkiin Daedric armor from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and it's just stunning. ... read
Pimpkachu photo

This Pikachu-themed pimp outfit is pretty darn incredible

Also known as "Pimpkachu"
Jan 16
The facial expression of this man simultaneously dressed as a pimp and Pikachu says it all, until you notice the woman on the left of the photograph. Oh, but just wait -- if you go look at the full image, you'll then see that... read

Dead Space cosplay brings Isaac and Ellie to life

I still freak out at the eye "mini-game"
Jan 10
deviantARTist tarrer and MadeInHeaven1979 joined forces for some rad Dead Space 2 centric cosplay. tarrer brought Isaac Clarke to life with his stunningly detailed power suit, while MadeInHeaven took on the role of Ellie, eye... read
Jessica Nigri photo
Jessica Nigri

Jessica Nigri becomes an Assassin with her latest cosplay

Jan 06
I love cosplay. A lot. It's always a blast seeing people go all out to dress up as characters they love and strut their stuff at conventions like Dragon*Con, PAX, Comic-Con, and way more. One of my favorite cosplayers to foll... read

Watch this amazing FemShep cosplay come to life

Save us, Commander Shepard!
Jan 04
Project Cosplay is a pretty great YouTube series that showcases cosplayers creating their outfits. This latest episode features Crystal Graziano who presents one of the best looking female Shepard outfits I've seen to date. ... read

Cosplayer becomes the official face of BioShock Infinite

Elizabeth is real
Dec 03
Remember this incredible cosplay photograph? Cosplayer Anna Moleva (a.k.a. Ormeli) does such a good job of being BioShock Infinite's Elizabeth that Irrational Games has put her on the payroll. Anna now works to brin... read

20 minutes of the world's most amazing cosplay gathering

Dragon*Con 2012 cosplay video from Beat Down Boogie
Nov 03
Dragon*Con is one of the better places to go for some of the best cosplay action around. You got a small preview of this year's costumes thanks to the photos provided to us by Beat Down Boogie, plus their six minute video lo... read
Dress up for Dtoid and win a free game
[Update: Contest over! Winner is Serkderg the Herkderg!] What better way to celebrate Halloween than by dressing up as your favorite videogame character? And what better incentive to share that costume with the world than the... read feature


Check out these impressive Atlus-o-Weenie costume entries

Atlus' yearly dress-up contest returns
Oct 16
Some of the early entries in Atlus' yearly Halloween costume contest, Atlus-o-Weenie, are pretty impressive. The top prize is technically a $300 Amazon gift card, but it's obvious that the real prize here is bragging rights. ... read

Warning: this kids' Spyro costume is f*cking nightmarish!

An eldritch horror from beyond reason
Oct 15
Behold! The LORD's cruelest joke! Cast out from Heaven, rejected by Hell, and feared by the realm of mortals. The rules of nature apply not to this misshapen beast, for it is wrought of no natural element. It exists without e... read

NYCC: Cosplay and show floor gallery

New York Comic-Con 2012
Oct 13
It's crazy how New York Comic-Con is slowly turning into San Diego Comic-Con. Well, there's nothing in the way of sunlight or summer temperatures here (it's cold and windy), but the crowds are similar. It seems like more and ... read

Destructoid's Tokyo Game Show 2012 Cosplay Gallery

Sep 22
On the first two press-only days of Tokyo Game Show it's all business suits and messenger bags, but when the event opens up to the public the cosplayers come out. It's funny how you'll never see them around the convention cen... read

The REAL Shepard! Dragon*Con 2012 cosplay, day 4

Sep 04
It's been a long Labor Day weekend, but Dragon*Con 2012 has finally come to a close. This final batch of photos is the largest one yet, so take your time and enjoy the myriad costumes and celebrity appearances. There was a pr... read

The PAX community group shot, plus cosplay pics too

Sep 03
I must admit, I was worried about how many Dtoiders would actually make it into PAX Prime this year. Tickets sold out in record time, yet everything turned out alright. A bunch of you made it to our panel on Friday, and then ... read

Better recognize the Fett! Dragon*Con 2012 cosplay, day 3

Sep 03
Cruisin' Mos Espa in my DeLorean.War's over, I'm a peacetime Mandalorian.My story has stumped Star Wars historians, deep in debate, buffet plate at Bennigan's. Just when you think Star Wars costumes have been done to death, s... read

Holy crap, it's Dean Cain! Dragon*Con 2012 cosplay, day 2

Sep 02
Maybe it's just because I keep happening to stumble upon reruns of Lois & Clark lately (no, that's exactly what it is), but I've got Dean Cain on the brain. What a kwinky-dink that he just so happens to pop up in a few Dr... read

Meanwhile, at not-PAX... Dragon*Con 2012 cosplay, day 1

Sep 01
It's such a drag when two major fan conventions fall on the same dates, especially if you regularly attend both of them. While 2011's Dragon*Con had a weekend all to itself, it unfortunately wound up going head-to-head with P... read

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