Civilization: Beyond Earth makes weekends disappear
Yep, that is Civilization all right
7:00 AM on 09.26.2014

AI construct 'Master Control' walks through a turn of Civilization: Beyond Earth in this PAX video
Grinding, chitinous beak
4:00 PM on 08.30.2014

I took a field trip to play Civilization: Beyond Earth's first 100 turns
Space is the place
7:00 AM on 08.28.2014

Boldly go 50 Minutes into Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth
Begining game choices that will set the stage for your sci-fi civilization
12:30 PM on 08.26.2014

Civilization, XCOM dev doing its own fan convention
4:00 AM on 08.26.2014

Play Borderlands 2 for free on Steam this weekend
Shoot and loot like it's 2012
4:30 PM on 08.21.2014

Sid Meierís Civilization: Beyond Earth will launch in October
There's a pre-order bonus too
10:30 AM on 07.03.2014

Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution 2 announced as a mobile exclusive
Real emotional roller coaster of a headline, that one
12:00 PM on 06.23.2014

Preview: Sid Meierís Civilization: Beyond Earth
I killed a worm and I liked it
8:00 AM on 05.20.2014

2K moving Borderlands, Civilization games to Steamworks
And discontinuing online support for some titles post-GameSpy shutdown
4:15 PM on 04.22.2014

Firaxis designers speak on Civilization: Beyond Earth
Possible crossover with XCOM, inspiration sources, and more
4:00 PM on 04.20.2014

Civilization: Beyond Earth designers inspired by Cosmos
'We start in a very familiar place based on actual science... and kind of just [go] wild'
2:45 PM on 04.18.2014

Civilization explores the final frontier with Beyond Earth
Firaxis announces new direction at PAX East
12:00 PM on 04.12.2014

Mod adds Arstotzka from Papers, Please to Civ V
Best check those borders
8:00 PM on 02.14.2014

Civilization aplenty in the Humble Sid Meier Bundle
$15 for Civ III up through Civ V: Brave New World
6:30 PM on 02.04.2014

Mohawk Games founded by former Civilization developers
Backed by Stardock
7:00 PM on 11.06.2013