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Dante's Inferno Avatar items feature best 'pet' ever

Apr 30
Likely to celebrate yesterday's release of the "Trials of St. Lucia" add-on pack for Dante's Inferno, a slew of related Avatar items have hit the marketplace on Xbox LIVE. Here's what's available: Dante Cap (80 MS Points), B... read

Saints Row 2 Avatar items hit Xbox LIVE Marketplace

Apr 22
For those waiting patiently to dress their Avatars as a pimp or in a hot dog costume, your day has come. THQ has announced that it has released a slew of Saints Row 2 Xbox 360 Avatar items on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. This s... read

Super Street Fighter IV 360 Avatar items incoming

Apr 20
During a presentation at Capcom's Captivate press event last week, producer Yoshinori Ono revealed that Xbox 360 gamers will soon be able to dress up their Avatars as their favorite Super Street Fighter IV characters. A handf... read

Free Modern Warfare 2 night vision goggles

Apr 02
Yep, that's right. To celebrate the release of the "Stimulus Pack" expansion for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Microsoft and Activision are giving every Xbox Live user a free set of night vision goggles... for their avatars! ... read

Here are some free Bing shirts for your 360 Avatar!

Mar 23
If you love Xbox 360 Avatars, search engines, and free stuff, this is the deal you've been waiting for. To promote its search engine Bing, Microsoft is offering up free Bing logo t-shirts for your Avatars. All you need to do ... read

Alan Wake, Perfect Dark Avatar clothing hits XBL

Mar 18
Has Microsoft's insipid MS Points system left you with some spare fake cash that is utterly useless on its own? Good! Some new Avatar gear is hitting Xbox Live Marketplace today, allowing gamers with too much money and not en... read

Gears of War Avatar stuff is probably cheaper now

Mar 01
This week's Deal of the Week isn't a 3D Realms or an EA DICE joint. Hell, it's not even a downloadable game or add-on. According to Major Nelson, this week's offer at a reduced price is Gears of War Avatar crap. Until next Mo... read

Star Wars invades the Avatar clothing store thing

Feb 26
The Xbox LIVE Avatar store needs Nolan North masks. Period. But while we wait for the anointed one to receive his digital due, we wouldn't mind dressing up our digital likeness as a Sith Apprentice. Or a Storm Trooper. Or as ... read

Better than sex: Rockman 10 animated Twitter icons

Feb 14
Having a sh*tty Valentine's Day? Well don't worry about it, because nothing, and I mean nothing could make your Hallmark Holiday better than these Rockman 10 Valentine-themed Twitter icons. They're right here, and they're hot... read

BioShock 2 crap available for your Avatars

Feb 09
If you're not yet sick of spending pretend Microsoft money on present toys for your pretend people, then BioShock 2 has you covered. A range of items based on the 2K Games sequel has hit Xbox Live, ready to suck up your money... read

Xbox Live Avatars get Darksiders gear

Jan 14
Fans of Darksiders rejoice! Microsoft's innovative and unique Avatar characters now have clothing and items based on Vigil's excellent action-adventure game. If you want to spend your hard-earned money on a fake horse head fo... read

Chocobo Avatar pets are selling fast on eBay ... really

Jan 02
Seriously? I mean, seriously?  The free Avatar Chocobo pet codes that Square Enix gave away to anybody who promoted Final Fantasy XIII online have apparently become huge commodities on eBay. This of course lends itself t... read

For the right price, your Avatar can become Isaac Clarke

Jan 02
I know this is Xbox 360 Avatar news, but don't run away just yet! For once, the new merch is actually quite cool. Of course, as always, it probably costs more than you'd ever be willing to pay. The Marketplace has been update... read

Why 'Avatar' didn't change anything for gamers

Dec 22
[Editor's Note: We're not just a (rad) news site -- we also publish opinions/editorials from our community & employees like this one, though be aware that it may not jive with the opinions of Destructoid as a whole, or ho... read

Microsoft wants Jim Sterling's Avatar to be as fat as him

Dec 19
If the state of Avatars in my Xbox Live Friends list is any indication, all my friends are apparently closet Master Chiefs, attendees of PAX 09, steam punk aficionados and Halo Waypoint award whores. Seriously, that floating ... read

Pets are coming to Xbox LIVE Avatar Marketplace

Dec 02
Because Microsoft can, Microsoft is unleashing downloadable pets over the Xbox LIVE Avatar Marketplace tomorrow. According to Major Nelson, the platform publisher plans to release the following twelve pets for download: Large... read

Study says if your avatar wears black you're a douche

Nov 28
In gaming we are often (if not always) tasked with taking on the role of someone else. We put ourselves into a virtual representation, an avatar. Sometimes we're forced into a certain avatar and other times we're left alone t... read

You can turn your Avatar into a cyborg starting tomorrow

Nov 25
I know a passionate group of individuals were waiting on those Transmorphers-themed Avatar items to come out, but I think you'll have to settle for this Transformers merch instead. Sorry, boys. Today is not your day, unfortun... read

Dale North psyched about Fallout 3 360 Avatar items

Nov 23
Some new Fallout 3 Avatar items are making their way to Xbox Live Marketplace this coming Thursday. You'll be able to pick up your own Vault 101 jumpsuit, an array of other t-shirts and the incomparably creepy "Vault Boy" hea... read

Experience the world in third person with Avatar Machine

Nov 14
You know what sucks about real life? It's only from one perspective. Where are the variance in genres? You can only play real life in first person, and we all know too much of one type of genre gets boring. We need variety, ... read

Assassin's Creed II clothes available for your 360 Avatar

Nov 13
Assassin's Creed II, which ships to stores next week, now has its own Xbox LIVE Marketplace Avatar store. Neato! The store contains 28 items total for both girls and boys, including renaissance masks, hats, and wristbands. Th... read

DJ Hero, Assassin's Creed 2 Avatar clothes on Xbox Live

Nov 12
Really? DJ Hero? Really? Another day, another batch of useless digital clothing that we're expected to pay good money for. In addition to a whole batch of DJ Hero stuff, you can now buy Assassin's Creed 2 gear as well. Great ... read

Modern Warfare 2 Avatar gear is, uh, hmm ...

Nov 06
I believe the word I'm trying to come up with here is "expensive." Needlessly expensive. Jim recently gave us a preview of a single premium Modern Warfare 2 Avatar outfit and already we have the full set of them to glance ove... read

Modern Warfare 2 Avatar nonsense hits Xbox Live tomorrow

Nov 04
Last week we talked about Modern Warfare 2's upcoming Avatar gear, some of which was suggested might be free. Well, it's out tomorrow, but it sure as heck ain't free! Step right up folks, for a cavalcade of digital clothing t... read

Here are your Left 4 Dead 2 Avatar Awards

Oct 29
As we shamble ever nearer to Left 4 Dead 2's release date, the information is flying thick and fast. Yesterday, it was discovered that Avatar Awards would be a part of the Xbox 360 version, allowing players to kit their soull... read

Left 4 Dead 2 supporting Avatar rewards (Update)

Oct 28
According to some detective work on the part of the Steam community, it would appear that Left 4 Dead 2 will be one of a handful of games supporting Xbox Live's "Avatar Awards" scheme, providing 360 users with fryin... read

Rejoice! Avatar Halloween clothes coming to Xbox Live!

Oct 15
When I thought that this year's Halloween might pass without some downloadable clothes for my Avatar, I was so upset that I threw up vomit all over my hands and shirt. I then wailed like Satan's own baby and smashed my head i... read

Infinity Ward heard that you like spending fake moon money on fake moon clothes for your fake moon person. That's right folks, Modern Warfare 2-branded Avatar nonsense is coming to Xbox Live. Aren't you excited? I just coughe... read feature


Could a virtual Avatar arcade be in the works?

Oct 07
Based on a survey Joystiq received by way of a tip, all signs are pointing towards "yes."Similar to the arcade spaces found in PlayStation Home that you all know and desperately love, Microsoft's unnamed Avatar hub ... read

Buy the Mako from Mass Effect for your Xbox Live Avatar

Sep 30
Over on the Xbox Live Marketplace, a new prop has appeared in the Avatar Store. You are now able to purchase an RC replica of the Mako craft used to cart Commander Shepherd and crew around the surface of alien worlds in Mass ... read

This month in XBL: Games on Demand, Avatar clothes, more

Sep 08
What's happening this month in the fascinating world of Xbox LIVE? A bunch of little things that perfectly add up to be enough material for a single press release. God bless the art of filler content.In Avatar-related news, t... read

Rock the f**k out with Guitar Hero 5 Avatar items

Aug 21
In preparation for Guitar Hero 5's September 1 release, a dedicate clothing/item store has appeared on the Xbox 360 Avatar Marketplace. Available for download are items like the Neversoft sceptre, Guitar Hero shirts, a plasti... read

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