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Adorable (and adoptable!) puppies make our E3 predictions photo
Adorable (and adoptable!) puppies make our E3 predictions
by Chad Concelmo

Doing this year’s E3 predictions post was tough. I didn't want to duplicate the same ideas I did in years past, but I knew it would be challenging to top the fun and mysterious energy of going to a psychic in 2009, and damn near impossible to top the sheer epic awesomeness of having exclusive access to the animals of the L.A. Zoo in 2010.

So this year I decided to do something that could potentially give back.

With the help of the extraordinary people at the Burbank Animal Shelter, I decided to visit one of the most celebrated shelters in Los Angeles and have all the puppies (and a few other surprise animals!) make our E3 2011 predictions.

Equipped with a +7 love of dogs and all the incredible questions that you, the community, provided, I went into the animal shelter with two goals: To make predictions proving that anyone (even cute puppies!) can make just as accurate E3 predictions as the highly-paid industry analysts, and, most importantly, to try to get as many of these animals adopted as possible.

I knew this would be a fun, heartfelt experiment ... but I had no idea it would kind of change my life.

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9:40 AM on 05.16.2011

Dragon's Dogma cares not for mythological animal rights

Is there a PETA for mythological creatures? I'm wondering if there should be after checking out what happens to unfortunate griffons in Dragon's Dogma.  These new screens show a griffon getting utterly destroyed in the n...

Jim Sterling

7:00 PM on 04.21.2011

Tokyo Jungle lives! New details on the PS3 game

I was so excited about PS3 title Tokyo Jungle when I played it at last year's Tokyo Game Show. Since then we've heard next to nothing about the strange and hilarious animal survival title. I've cried a few times. The latest F...

Dale North

11:00 PM on 04.08.2011

EyePet sequel coming to PS3 later this year

Over on the PlayStation Blog, it has been announced that EyePet & Friends is currently being developed for a 2011 release on the PlayStation 3. New features for the game will include support for PlayStation Move and ...

Conrad Zimmerman

Review: nintendogs + cats photo
Review: nintendogs + cats
by Dale North

When the Nintendo DS game nintendogs was first released, it became an easy target for some gamers. The dog ownership simulation title was easy to make fun of, with some saying that it wasn't really much of a game at all. Eyebrows raised when popular Japanese gaming publication Famitsu gave the title a perfect score. I even remember some dedicated Nintendo fans questioning the title.

But, just like with a real puppy, gamers slowly grew to love nintendogs. The title slowly caught on and has since become one of Nintendo's top first-party franchises. If you combine the various versions of the first game, Nintendo is going on 22 million copies of nintendogs sold. The lesson here? Never underestimate the power of puppies.

Nintendo lets the dogs out once more, and now adds cats for the ultimate pet sim. More realistic and expressive pets, more interactivity and -- of course -- 3D support. It's even harder to resist than before. I mean, just look at those little puppy eyes!

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Two dudes talk about how much they love Missile photo
Two dudes talk about how much they love Missile
by Chad Concelmo

Fellow Destructoid editor Tony Ponce and I are in love with recent Nintendo DS game Ghost Trick. Like, obsessed. It is easily one of our favorite games of the year.

The other day, we were talking about how great the game is over a rather enthusiastic e-mail thread. We both shared our favorite moments; we both laughed about how great all the characters are. And then, as two guys sometimes do, we completely bonded over how much we adore one character in particular: a Pomeranian named Missile.

For people that have played the game, I can only assume you are excitedly nodding your head in agreement. And for those of you who have not yet played Ghost Trick ... MY GOD GRAB A COPY RIGHT NOW SO YOU CAN EXPERIENCE THE MAJESTY THAT IS MISSILE! Seriously. He will change your life.

Since we figured sharing such unbridled enthusiasm is never a bad thing, hit the jump to view our e-mail correspondence. Two dudes talking about how much they love a cute videogame puppy. It doesn’t get any manlier than this.

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8:30 PM on 02.26.2011

3DS: My Nintendogs corgi's Kirby hat, or in Link hair

The Augmented Reality functionality of the 3DS was kind of lost on me until I unlocked it in Nintendogs + Cats. Now I'm able to make my almost-real tri-colored Pembroke Welsh Corgi appear in my environment. And with the added...

Dale North

6:15 AM on 02.26.2011

3DS Nintendogs + Cats: F*ck Yeah Corgi

I wish I could have thought up the name in the headline, but there's actually already a blog called F*ck Yeah Corgi. Fantastic site. That and Obsessive Corgi Disorder ( are regular reads for me. These and s...

Dale North

4:00 AM on 02.26.2011

3DS: Nintendogs + Cats has the cutest box ever made

I didn't think much of the box for my copy of Nintendogs + Cats for the newly released Nintendo 3DS. I got the Toy Poodle & New Friends release and I feel it was a waste that they didn't call it Beautiful Corgi Pu...

Dale North

10:00 AM on 02.15.2011

Dog types in Nintendogs + Cats versions revealed

Your day-to-day stress might be about how you'll properly pass a difficult test, or how you'll tackle your mountain of work before the boss kills you. My stress was over what version of Nintendogs + Cats would have ...

Dale North

8:40 AM on 02.15.2011

Five new Kinectimals plush pals on store shelves now

There's playing with virtual animals and then there's playing with virtual animals using stuffed animals. If you want to go all the way with this stuff you'll need one of the Kinectimals plush pals. Lucky for you, five new pl...

Dale North

8:20 AM on 02.08.2011

Miyamoto wanted fifteen versions of Nintendogs

Nintendo's handhelds have a cheeky little sideline in multiple versions of borderline identical games. Popularized by Pokemon, it's not uncommon to see a DS title coming in two flavors. Nintendogs pushes it with three, but ap...

Jim Sterling

The ten best videogame puppies EVER! photo
The ten best videogame puppies EVER!
by Chad Concelmo

No disrespect to fellow editor Samit Sarkar and other sports lovers, but SCREW THE SUPERBOWL! As fun as it is to watch sweaty grown men ram into each other over and over (and over!) again, your best bet for the most entertaining, excitement-filled “Bowl” happening this Sunday is, hands down, the Puppy Bowl.

Airing on Animal Planet every year at the same time as the Super Bowl, the Puppy Bowl is basically the greatest thing you will ever see. The concept is simple: "teams" of cute puppies play in a giant, stadium-shaped pen for two glorious hours, interrupted only by shots of bunny cheerleaders and God’s greatest creation, the Kitty Halftime Show.

You have not lived until you have watched the Puppy Bowl. I look forward to it every year.

To celebrate the arrival of this magnificent television event -- and to get everyone in the puppy-loving mood -- I thought it would be fun to take a look at the ten best puppies ever featured in videogames.

Yup. I did this. PUPPIES!

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4:40 PM on 01.10.2011

Nintenhorse, Nintendolphin almost happened

The stuff of your potential nightmares -- Nintenhorse and Nintendolphin -- were almost 3DS games. This massive bombshell was dropped by Nintendo's president Satoru Iwata during the Nintendo World Event in Japan last week. Unf...

Nick Chester

1:00 AM on 01.05.2011

New Monster Tale trailer

Majesco's Monster Tale is looking like an interesting title. The people behind it (also responsible for Henry Hatsworth) seem to really dig the idea of making players play two different games when faced with a pair of screen...

Conrad Zimmerman

Review: Kinectimals photo
Review: Kinectimals
by Nick Chester

There were few things that were as awkward -- and at the same time quite endearing -- as Microsoft’s on-stage demo for Frontier Developments’ Kinectimals. In front of a crowd of weary industry journalists and veteran, a young girl demonstrated the game, interacting controller-free with an on-screen tiger cub. She called out to it, stroked its fur by waving her hands in the air, and even at one point rolled over on the ground to make the cub “play dead.”

Silly, but cute, the Kinectimals demonstration probably didn’t hit the mark for most of Destructoid’s readers. It also didn’t do the final product justice, really only scratching the surface of what the game has to offer beyond a pet ownership simulator. Kinectimals certainly isn’t the “core” game you’re looking for, but it’s a compelling and absolutely adorable adventure that will certainly capture the imagination of younger gamers and adults willing to “let go.”

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