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Megaton Rainfall is superhero action on an epic scale

Alessandro Fillari, Contributor - Destructoid
23 minutes ago - 6:30 PM on 03.02.2015
Megaton Rainfall is superhero action on an epic scale photo

Last month, we got a tease from an upcoming indie action title that will put players in the role of a superhero during an alien invasion. The trailer certainly inspired a lot of interest, as it was more somber and earnest, not loud and over the top like other superhero games we've seen.

Watching the footage, I got the impression Megaton Rainfall was a mix between Superman and Earth Defense Force, which sounds like it would make for an exciting title. Thankfully, we didn't have to wait too long to play, as the sole developer Alfonso Del Cerro was excited to get the game in player's hands at GDC 2015's Indie Megabooth.

Dubbed a "first-person superhero game" by its creator, Megaton Rainfall feels like a unique blend of genres.

Comments of the Week: Better check the clock...

53 minutes ago - 6:00 PM on 03.02.2015
Comments of the Week: Better check the clock... photo

[It's another round of Comments of the Week brought to you by Dream Seaver of Growing Toids fame. Just kidding! It's Dreamweaver and there's a pretty epic Aquaman burn this week. Be sure to join the discussion yourself to see if your own DC flavored rebuttal can make the cut! -Striderhoang]

Because it's that time again!

Comments of the Week has returned for another edition! Whether you're a first time reader or a seasoned vet, this series is a collection of funny things you, the community, has conjured up in those beautiful brains of yours, in order to showcase them to everyone else!

Resident Evil: Revelations 2's Throwback Map Pack isn't worth your cash

Chris Carter, Reviews Director - Destructoid
1 hour ago - 5:30 PM on 03.02.2015
Resident Evil: Revelations 2's Throwback Map Pack isn't worth your cash photo

Ever since I got my hands on Resident Evil: Revelations 2, I've been playing Raid Mode on a daily basis. It's addicting, and the more I play it, the more I think it's the best iteration of Mercenaries yet. This mode is deep -- I'm coming up on 40 hours with it, and that's just with the first Episode's worth of missions ($6). For science, I tested out the "Throwback" DLC pack last weekend, and was underwhelmed considering the price and moniker, which can be considered a misnomer at best.

It's $4.99, and although it technically provides you with 12 levels, it's actually only four maps spread across three difficulties. Three of the maps are from Resident Evil 6, and one is from the Queen Zenobia cruise ship from the first Revelations -- not exactly a "throwback" with two of the latest games in the franchise, right? If Capcom really wanted people's money, it needed to recreate the halls of the Spencer Mansion or the streets of Raccoon City. Resident Evil 6 is represented enough in the core maps as it is.

Having said that, the DLC can be fun enough if you can't get enough of Raid Mode and want more. The second mission features a cool tiered arena with mini-boss fights, set to the beautiful central cruise ship mezzanine. The third is a defense mission with multiple paths to defend, and the fourth kicks things off with a ranged shootout of sorts before turning into one of the biggest battlegrounds in the game.

While the Throwback Map Pack may not be worth picking up, expect a review of Episode 2 early tomorrow morning.

'Togekiss watching Doduo take a crap' and other mistaken sprites

Jordan Devore, Managing Editor - Destructoid
1 hour ago - 5:00 PM on 03.02.2015
'Togekiss watching Doduo take a crap' and other mistaken sprites photo

Instead of taking a proper lunch break away from my computer today, I got caught up in this funny, nostalgic NeoGAF thread about "sprites that look like things they're not supposed to."

Older games allowed and even encouraged us to use our imaginations to bring their lo-fidelity worlds and characters to life and, sometimes, what we saw clashed with the artists' intent.

The biggest offender for me is the dark wizard Agahnim from A Link to the Past, illustrated above, but I'll to admit to thinking for years that Bullet Bills in Super Mario Bros. had grins, not arms.

The most entertaining example, though, has got to be the old sprite for Hitmonchan:

Mushroom 11 is a very different game than we saw in 2014

Brett Makedonski, Associate Editor - Destructoid
2 hour ago - 4:30 PM on 03.02.2015
Mushroom 11 is a very different game than we saw in 2014 photo

We haven’t gotten a look at Untame’s Mushroom 11 since we gave it a Best of PAX East award in 2014. It captured our hearts at the Boston show, with its approach to kinetic energy proving absolutely entrancing. Seeing it at GDC 2015, Mushroom 11 isn’t the same game we played 11 months ago. It’s come a long way.

The PAX demo put a lot of emphasis on forcing your way from the right to the left as quickly as possible. Environment served as the primary obstacle, walls and whatnot requiring creative erasing of the omnipresent green blob to hopefully get up and over. It was a skill-based affair, through and through.

Now, Mushroom 11 wants you to think. Each chapter is littered with puzzles that put a halt to the endless scurry leftward. For instance, we saw a bit that necessitated using the blob to form a ramp that would launch a rolling boulder. Another section needed a bridge that would cover five sensors at the same time.

Samus and Sagat: When Sagat met Samus

Jonathan Holmes, Editor-in-Chief - Destructoid
2 hour ago - 4:00 PM on 03.02.2015

It's highly probable that an alien race, dwelling somewhere in outer space, has developed technology the likes of which we could only dream of, but lack something we consider mundane. For example, what if a race of magical bird-people from another planet had the ability to transport organic matter through thin air without any loss of quality, but had not yet discovered how to do the same thing with abstract content like "data"? How would they feel if the learned about the Internet? Better yet, how would they feel when they learned what most people use the Internet for? What would they think of terms like "social justice warrior," "lol," and "shitposting"? This special "Flashback to 19XX" episode of Samus and Sagat intends to answer those questions and more. 

This episode also marks the third time that Maddy Myers and I have gotten together to shoot Samus and Sagat, and things already feel different. It looks like we're through the "getting to know you" phase and already way off into the "drunk off each other's company so God knows what's going to happen next" phase. That definitely makes for a different kind of show. My acting in this episode is... really something. I'm not sure exactly what that something is, but I know it's true.

I also know it's true that making a collage of Maddy's various facial expressions is a lot of fun, and I hope to have the opportunity to do that again soon. We've got that collage in a wallpaper size right here, per the request of a few of my Twitter followers, so enjoy!

Review: Blackhole

Conrad Zimmerman, Moustache - Destructoid
3 hours ago - 3:30 PM on 03.02.2015
Review: Blackhole photo

There certainly have been a lot of creative 2D platform games releasing over the last couple of months, enough that there seems to be some genuine competition in the genre. If you're finding yourself in a position where it has become difficult to choose, allow me to make it easier. 

Get Blackhole. Problem solved.

I fear for my fingers after seeing Amplitude in action

Jordan Devore, Managing Editor - Destructoid
3 hours ago - 3:00 PM on 03.02.2015

Harmonix is reviving Amplitude this summer and, if recent rumors hold up, Activison might bring back Guitar Hero. The lows of the rhythm genre are real low, but I'm ready for that high again.

Going into this weekend's PAX East, Harmonix is showing gameplay footage and talking multiplayer. In an effort to appeal to "casual and hardcore" players alike, the developers have come up with Team Play, a new mode that lets players compete 2v2 or 3v1. But if you'd rather just dominate against friends and family, the traditional Free-For-All mode will also be in Amplitude.

All this talk reminds me that Rock Band Blitz is a thing I own and should play again. Gonna have to do my best to ignore Conrad Zimmerman's scores, though. Trying to top them is a safety hazard.

Amplitude: First Gameplay Trailer, Team Multiplayer Revealed [PlayStation Blog]

World of Warcraft players will be able to pay for their subscription with gold soon

Jordan Devore, Managing Editor - Destructoid
4 hours ago - 2:30 PM on 03.02.2015
World of Warcraft players will be able to pay for their subscription with gold soon photo

In an upcoming World of Warcraft patch, Blizzard will introduce the WoW Token, an in-game item purchasable with real money that facilitates the exchange of gold for 30 days of game time.

"The WoW Token was created to give players with lots of extra gold the option to use it to help cover their subscription cost, and give those who want to purchase gold a way to do so from fellow players through a secure, easy-to-use system," said the company.

While this move is a first for WoW, similar systems have been successfully implemented in games like EVE Online and WildStar. Blizzard has posted an in-depth FAQ here, though do note that certain details including how much tokens will actually cost haven't been disclosed yet.

Introducing the WoW Token [World of Warcraft]

Beards optional: Embedded difficulty decisions in Fire Emblem

Anna Anthropy, Guest Editorialist - Destructoid
4 hours ago - 2:00 PM on 03.02.2015
Beards optional: Embedded difficulty decisions in Fire Emblem photo

[Destructoid likes to invite game developers to write editorials for us from time to time. Their opinions don't necessarily represent Destructoid as a whole, but they sure are interesting. Here is a fun one on how Fire Emblem handles difficulty scaling from Anna Anthropy, the developer of Frog Assassin and Dys4ia.]

I want to introduce you to my boys. This is Marcus, Old Marcus, and Seth. They're from the Fire Emblem games on the Game Boy Advance: from left to right, Fire Emblem (the first game in the series to get an international release), The Binding Blade (the game Fire Emblem is a prequel to) and The Sacred Stones.

But who are they really? Just some dudes with weird anime hair? (Except for Seth. Seth is a dreamboat.) They're actually DIFFICULTY MODES.

Haha, really? Interplay is bringing back ClayFighter

Jordan Devore, Managing Editor - Destructoid
5 hours ago - 1:30 PM on 03.02.2015
Haha, really? Interplay is bringing back ClayFighter photo

Mere days ago, I hoped out loud that 2015 would become the year of clay for videogames, and now there's an announcement for a remaster of ClayFighter. Shame it won't be out until 2016.

Interplay and Drip Drop Games (who?) are promising "the best of all previous ClayFighter titles" as well as "remastered audio and high resolution visuals." Also, curiously, new mechanics: double jumping, air dashing, counters, and reversals. Claytality moves return, though perhaps they shouldn't, and there will be 20+ characters (including Earthworm Jim and Boogerman) and stages.

My memories of this series are strongly linked to Blockbuster rentals and, truth be told, I think I ended up preferring the box art to the actual games. I was more of a Primal Rage guy back then.

Several years back, there was going to be an updated ClayFighter 63 1/3 for Wii and DSi but the game was canceled. We'll see if this remaster has better luck.

[Image source]

Go build something: Unreal Engine 4 is free to use

Jordan Devore, Managing Editor - Destructoid
5 hours ago - 1:00 PM on 03.02.2015
Go build something: Unreal Engine 4 is free to use photo

Epic Games is no longer charging developers a monthly subscription for Unreal Engine 4. The engine is now free for anyone to use. Well, free to a point -- "When you ship a game or application, you pay a 5% royalty on gross revenue after the first $3,000 per product, per quarter."

However, there's no royalty associated with "film projects, contracting, and consulting projects such as architecture, simulation, and visualization," according to Epic. The company also promises that all future updates for Unreal Engine 4 will be free.

Developers who just paid the old monthly fee for access to the engine will get a pro-rated refund to cover their most recent payment and everyone who's ever paid for an UE4 subscription will get a $30 credit in the Unreal Engine Marketplace. Smooth moves all around.

I wonder if Unity has any announcements lined up. It is Game Developers Conference week.

If you love something, set it free [Unreal Engine] [Image source]

Trine 3 is happening and it sure looks pretty

Darren Nakamura, Associate Editor - Destructoid
6 hours ago - 12:30 PM on 03.02.2015

It has been a long time since the original Trine came out. Heck, in the years since Trine 2's release, the series has faded from the spotlight. Frozenbyte has still been at it, and it shows with this announcement trailer for Trine 3.

Colorful environments have always been a part of the Trine games, but everything really pops here. The gameplay looks to have received some significant tweaks as well; in addition to the traditional 2D puzzle platforming, there are some sections in which the player interacts with the background or even moves in full 3D.

Developer Frozenbyte will be at the Game Developers Conference this week, and Trine 3 is expected to release for PC some time this year.

Hi-Rez announces more plans for SMITE on Xbox One, including possible transfer process

Chris Carter, Reviews Director - Destructoid
6 hours ago - 12:00 PM on 03.02.2015
Hi-Rez announces more plans for SMITE on Xbox One, including possible transfer process photo

I really enjoyed my time with SMITE, and loved the more action-oriented approach to the MOBA sub-genre. The problem is when I get on my PC, I usually just opt to play something else, like League of Legends or Heroes of the Storm. Getting SMITE on a console may change that.

Developer Hi-Rez Studios has announced more plans for the Xbox One version of SMITE, which includes a full playable build at PAX East (Booth #9116). The company has also indicated that it's coming up with a way for PC players to transfer their existing account over to the console, which is great news for those of you who have put a lot of money or time into it.

The closed alpha on Xbox One will begin on March 11.

Monster Hunter 4's Legend of Zelda DLC will arrive this month

Chris Carter, Reviews Director - Destructoid
7 hours ago - 11:30 AM on 03.02.2015
Monster Hunter 4's Legend of Zelda DLC will arrive this month photo

Still playing Monster Hunter 4? Well you'll be happy to boot it up on March 6, as a number of free DLC items are arriving at that time.

On that day, you'll get a Link outfit, including a bow, shield/ sword, and armor pieces. A new quest will also debut called "Clockwork Contraption," as well as some extra weapons.

The new DLC schedule is apparently on Fridays going forward. Good guy Capcom, going forward with free DLC -- then again, Monster Hunter is conducive to it as fans basically expect it.

Nintendo Voice Chat Live [IGN]

Valve to give a talk about physics at GDC on March 3 at 3 PM

Jed Whitaker, Beard buddy - Destructoid
7 hours ago - 11:00 AM on 03.02.2015
Valve to give a talk about physics at GDC on March 3 at 3 PM photo

Sergiy Migdalskiy, a programmer at Valve, will be giving a talk at GDC this week at the start of the THIRD month on the THIRD day at 3 PM. According to Sergiy's LinkedIn he has worked on games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Portal 2, Left for Dead, and its sequel. 

I personally won't be there, but if you're at GDC you might consider going. Seems like Sergiy might give a good talk about physics and you could learn a thing or two or THREE.

Physics for Game Programmers : Physics Optimization Strategies [GDC 2015]