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Move over amiibo, Battleborn figures now hold the title of derpiest faces

We have a new reigning king of derp-face video game paraphernalia as the Battleborn pre-order figurines have usurped the disfigured faces seen on early amiibo

Some game stores had pre-order-exclusive figures of various characters from Battleborn that look decent, so long as you don't look at their faces. I've known many artists and each one has an area of the body they aren't the best at drawing; this artist clearly sucks at faces (not that I'd do any better).

NeoGAF users Ban Puncher and JMizzlin posted pictures of Thorn and Montana figures, respectively. The horror. Easily worse than any amiibo I've seen, and right up there with that awful estus flask from Dark Souls III. I was feeling sad the other day I wasn't able to pre-order to get one of these, but now I feel like I dodged a very derpy bullet.

Battleborn - My local game store had pre-order bonus figurines for launch [NeoGAF]



Hands-on: I played Oculus/Vive Steam VR games on DIY Leap + Android, and it was amazing

Guide time! If you want to kind of mess around with Steam VR but aren't ready to fully commit yet, you'll love this. In this tutorial, I'll teach you how to set up our own DIY Vive-compatible Steam VR controller using a Cardboard headset, Leap Motion, and a free Android app. Yep, you can play many of the big PC VR games, no wimpy stuff.

An Oculus compatible 1080p headset PLUS Vive-compatible freehand motion controllers for under $50, low latency, and it's compatible with almost every VR platform? No, not exactly, but even in beta it's the best PC-to-Android software we've tested.  In the past we've written about Trinus, which was unforgivably laggy. This is a completely different animal. You can build your own FrankenVive, motion controllers in air.

If you bought a new phone within the last year, you should probably give the Riftcat Open Beta a look. They've been updating weekly, and very recently they added hands-free motion controls that work similar to the Vive's motion controllers. I ran out and got the parts immediately and tried it myself. So how is it?  Glitchy, it crashes often, very playable, and for the price it's easily the best value in VR right now. Worth getting just to freak out your parents and kids.

So, back to my FrankenVive: A modern HMV solution this is not. This does remind me a lot of DK2, the $350 Oculus dev kit made with off-the-shelf parts. If you already have a newish 1080p capable Android phone, a $10 Google Cardboard setup, and willing to buy an older/used Leap Motion Controller you can emulate the Vive’s motion controllers, gun and thumb triggers and all.

I'll teach you how to set it up, along with photos of some of my laughable attempts to build an affordable VR headset that worked with Freetrack (other headtracking software)



Dawn of War III will focus more on big battles and base building

Not only was that teaser building up to Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III as many of us had hoped, but the reveal trailer itself was badass. I'm so happy. Even if it is Space Marines, Orks, and Eldar again for the three-sided story campaign (pending inevitable DLC), I need this!

Picking up from the basics shared this morning, PC Gamer has extra details about Relic's real-time strategy game. Bases, and larger-scale skirmishes, are back. I always preferred Dawn of War II's tactical squad-based style over the original game's more traditional battles, but there's certainly room to reach more of a middle ground, and it sounds like that's the plan. For players like me, there will still be special elite units to micro-manage in addition to the hordes of cannon fodder.

Another point of contention has been the recent games' cover system. According to PC Gamer, Relic is taking a "simplified" approach here. "The change makes Dawn of War III's big, chaotic battlefields easier to parse, and gives melee units an important role as siege-breakers."

Exciting stuff. I can't wait to see some Imperial Knights, Gorkanauts, and Wraithknights clash.

Dawn of War 3: inside Relic's biggest RTS yet [PC Gamer]



Man, Dangerous Golf looks really really great

The sportsman in me wants to love golf, but the lover-of-exciting-things in me just can't be bothered. As a youth, the best part about hitting the links was wandering into the rough to try to recover balls that other golfers gave up on. Slazenger, nice!

I'd bet most people feel similarly. Even Tiger Woods, the man who was supposed to save golf, didn't make golf all that interesting. He was interesting and the way he shredded his way through majors was interesting, but the golf itself wasn't really interesting. Few people were tuning in to watch Fred Couples or Davis Love III or Vijay Singh, even at the peak of golf's mainstream popularity. (Somewhat related: ESPN recently ran a very good long-form piece about Tiger and the effect that his dad's death had on him.)

While Dangerous Golf is technically a golf game, this trailer makes it plainly clear that this ain't your grandpa's golf. Your grandpa (probably) never golfed in a kitchen, trying to destroy everything in that kitchen. This looks less like golf and more like that mini-game in Tony Hawk's Project 8 where you bail on a trick and try to break as many bones as you can. That's probably a reductive summary of Dangerous Golf.

I have only this trailer to guide my impressions, but Steven has already played Dangerous Golf. Expect some thoughts from him later this week. Tee time's soon though, as Dangerous Golf releases sometime in June.



Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire lands on GOG.com

That damn wampa! Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire gave me the creeps as a kid, and I can't help but wonder if it would still have that same effect today running on modern hardware. Probably not, judging from these high-resolution screenshots, but then again I still find the music unnerving.

Shadows of the Empire is available on GOG.com now in time for May 4. The action-adventure title is normally going to cost $5.99, but it's marked down by 20 percent to $4.79 for launch week.

Watching this longplay, I realize I haven't even played like half of the game. It's hard!



Microsoft has a lot of Xbox exclusives on sale this week

Every week, Microsoft discounts a handful of Xbox titles as a part of its Deals with Gold program. This week, that sale has a little extra oomph as an additional Microsoft Studios promotion is included.

Until May 9, a good number of Xbox One exclusives are discounted for everyone and further discounted for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. Aside from the occasional PC port, many of these games can only be found on Xbox One. All of the core Halo titles for $55 is a good example of what this sale's all about.

Here's the full list of Xbox One games available in the Microsoft Studios Sale with their prices for Gold members:



This Fallout 4 battle with 30,000 robots is worth watching

Mods are a wonderful thing. Although Bethesda dragged its feet with mods for the console edition of Fallout 4, they' been in for months for PC, and people have come up with some glorious concepts.

One of my favorites is the YouTube series "Fallout 4 Battle" by Cosmic Contrarian, which features a variety of different combat situations, usually involving large hordes of some sort. In this case, they spawned 30,000 Automatron robots to fight the Commonwealth.

It plays out just how it sounds (lots of destruction), but watching the lengthy video below is mesmerizing.



EA's giving away free Battlefield 4 and Hardline DLC on all platforms

As EA and DICE gear up to reveal the new Battlefield this Friday, they're injecting a bit of life into past installments. Starting today, DLC for both Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline will be made free, one at a time, on all systems.

The first add-ons to be featured in this promotion are Dragon's Teeth for Battlefield 4 and Robbery for Hardline. Both of them are free from May 3 through May 10. Just go to the Battlefield site and click through to your preferred platform.

The way EA frames this is "Over the next few months, we'll be giving away previously released expansion packs." There's more to come, but it's unclear if the next add-on will be available as soon as this first one ends. However it works out, this seems like a transparent but well-executed attempt to get more people playing Battlefield again before this year's installment releases.

Road to Battlefield [Battlefield]



Diablo III's Season 6 kicks off this week

Blizzard did a damn fine job of porting Diablo III to consoles, but sadly, the "Season" system, arguably the best part of the game's long-term appeal, was not included. For those of you who do still play the PC version, you can enjoy Season 6 as of this week.

New rewards include an armor set, portrait frame, and pennant, as well as the typical leaderboard spoils it entails. I might not play Diablo as often as I used to near its launch and Loot 2.0 update, but I still go back when a new Season hits just to partake in the festivities with a few friends.

It's nice, and that content update a few months ago was a nice shot in the arm, but we're due for another expansion.



This Humble Bundle has Shantae and TowerFall for cheap

The criteria for the Humble Eye Candy Bundle is "games that are not only fun to play but also fun to stare at," not the "best-looking" or "most realistic" games. So! With that said, here's the batch:

Pay what you want:

Pay more than the average:

Pay $10 or more:

To my tastes, this is a rather decent group of games all around, but I'm feeling that middle tier in particular. Several bucks for TowerFall? Worth it! If you're on the fence, consider springing for it.

Humble Eye Candy Bundle [Humble]



Battleborn Tap is a thing none of you probably asked for

So yeah -- Battleborn! It's pretty alright, and it's out today. But since every game is a multimedia brand now, Battleborn Tap is also out on mobile devices (Android, iOS).

Think of it like a companion app of sorts, featuring a mini RPG similar to the Dragon Age Facebook game, with bonuses for the core PC and console editions. Players can unlock new characters, earn gear, and by linking it to your Shift account, you can net a gold Orendi skin.

Seems pretty inoffensive all things considered, especially given that the Mass Effect 3 apps could influence the ending.



Buy an Xbox One from Dell, get a $100 eGift Card bonus

Last month, Microsoft ran a decent campaign to get you to buy an Xbox One. Now that a new month has rolled in, its $50 discount is over and Xbox Ones are back to full price at basically all retailers. The same is true for Dell Home, but it's tossing in a bonus $100 eGift Card if you buy a Xbox. Retailers really want to move these Xbox One units. If you ever want a hint that new hardware or a price drop is coming after summer, this is it.

This offer has a limited-time run. On May 9 at 8:00am Eastern, the $100 eGift Card will no longer be automatically added to your order.

As you can see from the image, this is a Dell Home Promotional eGift Card. The "card" is actually a code arrives 10-20 days after your order is shipped to your email. Note that once it arrives, you'll only have 90 days to spend the $100. This is good towards anything on Dell.com, so you can pick up more games, extra controllers, or whatever else you want. 25 selfie sticks? Sure, why not.

(They don't sell selfie sticks.)

Game deals from Dealzon. Sales help support Destructoid.



Review: Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback Wheel

As a gamer with limited experience playing driving sims, I have often underestimated the effect that a nice racing wheel can have on player experience. I'll often enjoy playing Euro Truck Simulator or Forza Horizon casually, but I'm aware I'm missing out on at least some of the appeal of realistic driving experiences.

While I have owned low-end racing wheels in the past, the Thrustmaster TMX is the first medium range gaming wheel I have put significant time into using, and I can certainly feel what the bump in cost brings to the table.

The TMX, while functionally near identical to the PS4 T150 wheel, is a very solid mid-range wheel for players looking for decent modular customisation options, variable force feedback and strong console software support. Just bear in mind support for PC games will be a lot more inconsistent.



It looks like a dragon is coming to Heroes of the Storm

I've spent too much time trying to freeze-frame and figure out this teaser for a new Heroes of the Storm character. My first instinct was to go straight to Deathwing (too easy!), but I've seen convincing speculation that it could be Alexstrasza as a support and that would be cool so that's gotta be it. A morphing humanoid character makes sense, but maybe it's something more out of left field.

Let's hear your best guesses.



Raiden V is coming to Xbox One on May 11

Over 25 years after the original Raiden was released, Raiden V will hit the Xbox One. It'll make its North American debut on May 11, and will feature light multiplayer elements like a "cheer system," where you can buff other players (think rating Dark Souls messages), and leaderboards. There's eight stages in all, and multiple ship types to choose from.

I can still remember growing up playing Raiden in arcades, and explaining shoot-'em-ups to my wife for the first time with the series. I owe it to the franchise to try this one out.



You can give virtual reality a try for yourself at Best Buy this month

A lot of curious people have checked out our VR reviews so far, but many people haven't pulled the trigger. Like lots of things it really has to be experience first-hand to be believed, and if you can't attend a tradeshow like E3, you'll get the chance later this month at retail.

Starting May 7, the Oculus Rift is going to be demoed at Best Buy. "Over 48 stores" will be giving out demos, and prospective buyers can attempt to find a location here. Giving the map a quick look, it seems as if they're mostly limited to major metropolitan areas, but most of you should be close enough to make a day trip out of it.



The Modern Warfare Remaster seems like a concerted effort based on these screens

Now that we know the Modern Warfare Remaster must be purchased through Infinite Warfare's $80 and above editions (for now), our expectations can be tempered a bit. I have to say though, based on these screens, it looks like a legitimate effort and not just a cash grab. That must be why there's only 10 maps included instead of all of them.

What's next? A World at War remaster with Sledgehammer's Call of Duty next year? Remastered Black Ops for Treyarch's release in 2018? The Duty machine continues!

Modern Warfare Remaster [Reddit]



Western Press is a whole game based around quick draw duels

Western Press is out now on Steam, and it basically goes full hog with the idea of QTEs and duels. Players will input specific buttons to kill their foes, and they can do it with multiple characters across several settings. Multiplayer support is also in with a tournament mode that accommodates up to 16 players.

Whenever I see a game like this all I can think of is the Samurai Kirby minigame from Super Star. Even with childlike reflexes that Meta Knight final fight was a pain!



Yep, Samurai Rising sure looks like Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

A few weeks ago Square Enix revealed Samurai Rising, a new action RPG that features a job-based system and many familiar Final Fantasy themes. That's even more apparent now that the official site is open, with a whole host of job descriptions. You'll probably recognize a few obvious ones, like the Black, White, and Red Mages, as well as the Dragoon. Yep, this game looks like it was made for me.

Before you get too excited, remember that the game is only slated for Android and iOS in Japan at the moment!

Samurai Rising [Square Enix]



VVVVVV pulled from the 3DS eShop

At this point I think I can safely call VVVVVV one of my favorite games of all time. It's pretty much perfect from start to finish, and despite its short length, I love the mix of forgiving checkpoints and high difficulty, with exploration sprinkled in for good measure.

Sadly, the game has been removed from the 3DS eShop due to a homebrew exploit uncovered by users. Apparently it's really easy to hack the 3DS by using a certain method, and VVVVVV facilitates it. The game's creator, Terry Cavanagh, originally thought he wouldn't need to patch it several days ago, but it was subsequently pulled.

3DS: (v*)hax released, new 3DS userland exploit for game VVVVVV [Wololo]



Dishonored 2 dated for November 11

Oh yeah, Dishonored 2 is happening.

It's been a while since we're gotten a good update on it, but Bethesda popped in this morning to share the news that Dishonored 2 is now dated for November 11, 2016. As previously announced, it'll drop on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Game Informer is going to have a cover story on it today (digitally), and the "world premiere gameplay" will arrive during Bethesda's E3 2016 showcase. So if you're excited, there's a lot more info coming soon, and we'll provide all the updates as they come.



For real this time: Terraria releases on Wii U in June

Re-Logic's action-adventure sandbox game Terraria finally made it over to 3DS, but that elusive Wii U version? Still upcoming! Publisher 505 Games has locked in a release date at last, though -- it's launching at retail in Europe on June 24, 2016 and in North America a few days later on June 28. You'll also be able to get it from the Wii U eShop if you prefer to go the digital route.

Notably, this version offers GamePad touchscreen controls and four-person local co-op support (eight if you're going online and feeling frisky), so it should be worth a dang. Let's hope!

It has taken longer to release than I think any of us expected, including the developers, but it still seems like a worthwhile port. Generally speaking, more Wii U games before (and even after) the Nintendo NX launches next year is good news in my book.



'May the 4th Be With You' is a bad marketing holiday, please don't celebrate it

Many holidays are such a foreign concept to me. I get that we, as humans, have an inherent need to celebrate things and have excuses to see each other. I like to do that every week by...celebrating things and seeing people. But for others, holidays are a reason (or obligation) to do something you wouldn't otherwise do, which, depending on your situation, can be a good thing. Nearly everyone has fond memories of Christmas mornings, or Thanksgiving dinners, so the appeal is clear (though with the former, it's a rude awaking once you realize that you're now, as the adult, the one spending money giving gifts more than you get!).

But made up shit that has an arbitrary day involved? That's where I draw the line.

Look, I love Star Wars as much as the next guy, but "May the 4th Be With You?" Bad. Coined by an author in 1979 that was hired by Lucasfilm to write about the making of Empire Strikes Back, it has since evolved into a marketing scheme (there were even Star Wars Weeks at Disney) and a bona fide holiday. But if you insist on enjoying it, you can get some deals while you're at it. Hey, I'm not a complete "May 4th" Grinch!

GameStop is holding a special sale for Star Wars Battlefront, which will be priced at $39.99. If you buy a PS4, you'll get a copy for free. Also, there's 20% off Star Wars merch, a "buy three get one free" deal on all Funko POP figures, a "buy three get one free" pre-owned game promotion, and stores have the first Poe Dameron comic issue. Non Star Wars-related, you can also get a Darkrai card during the month of May for free if you don't want to spend any cash. Oh, and The Old Republic has an event too.

Sidenote: when you celebrate Cinco de Mayo a day later, remember that it's not Mexico's Independence Day.



Oh hey, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III just got confirmed

It's been almost five years since we've heard any real rumblings of a new Dawn of War game (and almost seven since we've had a proper entry), but that teaser yesterday was spot on -- indeed, we're getting a Dawn of War III.

As confirmed by a new video on the official channel, Space Marines, Eldar, and Ork (and presumably other races) are at it again, struggling in the eternal grimdark conflict of war. No platforms have been confirmed as of yet, but PC is a safe bet.

I may need to bust out my Blood Angels and Ork tabletop armies again to celebrate (my Dark Eldar and Chaos are waiting in the wings too).



Rumored Watch Dogs 2 protagonist looks more hipster than the gruff Aiden Pearce

A lot of things are more interesting than Aiden Pearce and his "iconic cap." Take this new possible Watch Dogs 2 protagonist for instance, who, while looking like the definition of a hipster, can still apparently hack and shoot things.

The latest rumor comes from thekingcort's Instagram, noting that he had a "blast" doing motion capture work as a lead character "in a new video game series." But since people now have to hashtag everything (#blessed) in utter excess, he went ahead and noted the actual game in the post with #WatchDogs2. Not that we wouldn't be able to guess it anyway.

We already know the game will launch before April 2017, but if he's to be believed, the main hero won't be Aiden Pearce (maybe he'll be there in some capacity on the side), the very definition of generic bland gruff dude, and I'm ok with that.

Nerd Leaks [Twitter]



From Software's next game will be PlayStation VR compatible

Although it slipped by most of us until several days ago, From Software has uploaded a new video to its channel, hinting at its next not-Souls related project. As Miyazaki confirmed recently, it's actively in development, and according to the clip, it will hit the PS4, PC, and Xbox One platforms. But it's important to note that for the former, it will also sport PlayStation VR support.

We already know that From is working on a "new IP," but that doesn't mean other series can't be iterated on concurrently. Either way, given its strong resurgence thanks to Souls, we're probably all interested in what it has up its sleeve.



Now all three mainline Call of Duty games have zombies in them

The alien-based Extinction mode that debuted in Infinity Ward's Call of Duty: Ghosts is seemingly a one-shot deal. As confirmed by Activision yesterday, the developer is now taking on a zombies mode -- which would mean that every mainline current series (Advanced Warfare from Sledgehammer and Black Ops III from Treyarch) has adopted zombies. When nearly 15 million people watch The Walking Dead live weekly, it makes sense.

In other news, Sony has maintained the timed-exclusivity deal that was previously a Microsoft thing, in that all DLC will hit the PS4 30 days before any other platform. It was weird having to shift over to this model with Black Ops III, but I think I'm used to it now -- even if I miss using the Elite controller.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Launches November 4 on PS4 [PS Blog]



Oculus Rift is being sold at retail before all pre-orders have been fulfilled

“Pre-order” has a pretty well-defined meaning. If you pre-order something, the expectation is that one of whatever it is you’re pre-ordering will be saved for you, and you’ll get it on, or sometimes before, the day it’s launched at retail. This saves you the hassle of going to a shop to get it, while also making sure you’ll have the item as soon as it’s in stock.

Makes sense, right? Not to Oculus, apparently, who are now shipping out the Rift to retailers, despite the many customers yet to see their headset over a month since launch.

According to Oculus, a “small number of Rifts” will be available through Amazon and Microsoft from May 6, and Best Buy from May 7. Apparently stocks of them will be low so they can “catch up” on the customers they’ve left in the lurch for weeks now.

So if you have a Rift pre-order, you’ve got two choices. You could sit tight and wait for your “pre”order to come in whenever stocks are available and not being sent to sell in shops instead. Alternatively, you could cancel your pre-order and chance getting one from retail before they’re all snatched up by scalpers wanting to make a quick buck reselling them for inflated prices on ebay.

If you do go for the second option, Oculus says they will still honour the pre-order bonuses such as the EVE: Valkyrie founders pack, and priority status for pre-ordering the Touch controller. Don't worry about them cocking up your current pre-order, because at least you can try again with their next thing.

What a fabulous way to make a sizable install base that’s worth developing VR games for. Piss off your most loyal fans while handing over stock they should be getting to people who’ll instantly sell it on for twice the price, putting off people who weren’t interested enough to pre-order as well. Can’t see that having any impact on the Rift’s success. Nope. None. Never.



Review: Fragments of Him

Fragments of Him is one of those games that is much more impressive as a five minute convention floor demo than as a two and a half hour long finished product. It is a simple core concept with strong acting and writing that demos well in short bursts, but feels overly long and repetitive when released as a full project.

I might even go as far as to say Fragments of Him is a rare example of a video game that would have been better as a short film. Strip out all the interactivity, and I think you'd have had a better chance of letting the best elements of this narrative shine properly. That's a real shame, but I think it's true.

I really wish I liked this game more.



Review: Push Me Pull You

Push Me Pull You is a game about two-headed intestinal worm people rubbing up against each other in the name of good, wholesome sports. While wrestling for control of a ball, they can shrink down to CatDog size for better agility, or stretch way out into a coiled, protective fleshy mess.

It would be horrifying if it weren't so damn charming and chipper.



Jordan DevoreFeatured blogger

Jordan is a founding member of Destructoid and poster of seemingly random pictures. They are anything but random. Disclosure: I backed Double Fine Adventure and Awesomenauts: Starstorm on Kickst...



Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback Wheel"Basically the T150, but for Xbox One and PC"


Fragments of Him"Great writing and performances, terrible pacing and gameplay"


Push Me Pull You"Playing Nightcrawlers"


Chronos"I keep getting older, but they stay the same age"


The Climb"You rock, rock"


Hitman: Sapienza"Molto buono"


Ray Gigant"Challenge not included"


Soda Drinker Pro"Like explaining an inside joke to someone else"


King's Quest: Once Upon a Climb"A tale of two princesses"

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