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Grab a phase two Rainbow Six: Siege beta code

Aug 28 // Niero Desu
How to redeem your code: 1. Go to 2. Select “REDEEM CODE” 3. Select your platform of choice. 4. Click “NEXT” to log in to Uplay, or create a Uplay account.   5. Enter your unique Access Code from this email.  6. Once confirmation is received, Ubisoft will contact you with your access instructions for your platform of choice when the Closed Beta starts.  
We have more codes!

Another wave of beta testing is underway and we have more codes to give out: Act fast: We've been sent a cryptic grab bag of Rainbow Six: Siege Beta codes which you can redeem from the widget below (you may have to allow script tags, some browser extensions may block this from appearing). We're not sure if this widget is shared with the rest of the internet or just us, so get em while you see em.

Is the game worth a look? I haven't had a chance to personally put my paws on it at the time of this blog, but our reviews editor Chris Carter gave the alpha a thumbs up, noting it's good use of classes and tactical missions. Jump in and judge for yourself, we'd love to know what you thought of it.


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Super Music Maker photo
Trust me, this one won't let you down


A level called "All the costumes unlocked! :)" has been featured by Nintendo in Super Mario Maker, that tricks people into thinking the level will let them use some of the many unlockable costumes in the game. Instead plays the greatest song ever known to man. 

I don't want to ruin the surprise, so just watch the video above and enjoy. 

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Hacks photo
DDoS attacks are bad

Remember when our beloved Sony and Microsoft servers were continually down last year because some idiots sitting behind their keyboards thought it'd be cool to cripple an entire population of gamers? Well, the authorities haven't forgotten and continue to be on the case.

Announced today, six teens in the U.K. were arrested as suspects in distributed denial of service attacks to online servers of gaming companies, e-retailers, a British newspaper and a school. According to the BBC, the six are alleged to have gotten help from the group Lizard Squad, who claimed responsibility for much of the madness we all had to endure.

The teens are accused of using Lizard Squad’s Lizard Stresser tool, which allowed users to pay to take websites offline.

We don't yet know what will happen to these kids, but let's hope it's severe enough to deter them and any other half-wits from doing the same thing in the future.

Remember folks, it's all fun and games until someone fucks with our gaming lifestyle. No matter how smart you think you might be, chances are you're still gonna get caught. So, please, don't do this kind of stupid shit.

U.K. Cops Arrest 6 Teens Linked to Sony, Microsoft Cyber-Attacks [Variety]

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Boob DLC photo
Only a BOOB would buy this

Great news everyone, now game publishers are holding the boobies hostage behind DLC paywalls, at least if you want anything other than average.

There is now DLC available in Japan for Gal Gun: Double Peace that allows you to make all the girls flat chested or heavily endowed, boob-wise. If that isn't quite enough for you and you've got deep pockets you can buy the "Pheromone Z DLC" that allows you to zoom in and see through the high school aged girls clothes for the low, low price of 10,000 yen plus tax which is roughly $83 USD -- a new high or new low for gaming, depending on your outlook.

Gal Gun: Double Peace is an on-rails experience ala House of the Dead where you must shoot high school girls with a non-lethal gun that causes them to experience an ecstasy-like state after seemingly orgasming -- ah Japan, you'll never change...or will you? Gal Gun: Double Peace is available now in Japan for PS4 and Vita and is expected to release worldwide.

「ぎゃる☆がん だぶるぴーす」DLC第2弾が配信。ディープな上級者向けアイテムも [4gamer via Siliconera]

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The silly world of gaming-related stock photography

Aug 28 // SpielerDad
Even the fancy agencies with giant face chairs are clueless when it comes to games. Now, some agencies are exceptions. There are (probably) plenty of agencies out there that specialize or have experience in video game marketing and advertising. These are the companies contracted by game makers directly. Many publishers develop their advertising internally, because who knows the product better than the ones who are creating it, right? RIGHT?!? We’re not here to talk about those types of ads. Those are good ads from competent companies, for the most part. We’re here to poke fun at the ads and stock photos of agencies that have no fucking clue what they’re talking about, because mocking ignorant people is fun. "This copy is good, but let's add some more stereotypical dialogue like EXTREME and RADICAL!" Let’s take a relatively recent ad for the delicious and colon-exploding savory confections known as Hot Pockets. This commercial goes off the rails because this is not how gaming works in the real world. Gaming will probably never work like this. However, in the minds of ad executives who probably never picked up a game pad in their lives, this is EXACTLY how games work. That’s a recurring problem with many ads that have video games. The act of gaming is either extremely outdated or severely detached on how it actually works. This isn’t just a problem with video games, mind you. Agency folks have told me point blank they tweak many things in order to make a point or capture the essence of an activity due to time constraints in the ad or to make something look more interesting. However, there are many instances when the agencies and creative folk simply don’t give a damn. Take this image, for example: I first came across this image approximately three years ago while working at a large global consumer goods company. I was walking to my desk, which just so happened to be near the design “gurus,” when I noticed this image was posted on a very large poster with other Xbox branded items. There were mock-ups of the Xbox Live dashboard, sample banner ads touting my company’s products, images of people enjoying our product, images of people gaming, various charts and graphs, and that monstrosity above. I went to one of the designers and asked what the poster was about. The designer, who was bearded, wearing a flannel shirt, and donning very expensive designer eyeglasses said that they were pitching Microsoft on a marketing partnership and that was part of their presentation. Horrified, I told the “lumbersexual” designer that he couldn’t use that image of the controller. I explained to him that this controller does not exist, will never exist, is clearly a joke and, if shown to Microsoft, they will get laughed out of the fucking room. The designer -- clearly trying to channel an annoyed, myopic Paul Bunyan -- peered at me above the rims of his designer glasses, sighed and stated that he wouldn’t know because he never played a video game in his life (highly doubtful). He thought that the image was fine, but said he would chat with his boss about it. I was a fan of not playing video games before it was cool. I don’t know if they ever changed the image, but I do know that my former company never formed a marketing partnership with Microsoft, at least not at that time. What’s even sadder is that this image was seared into my mind’s eye after all these years. When I decided to write this post I starting Googling images of controllers and quickly found it. It came from a PS4 fan site and is a knock on Microsoft. Clearly, this was a dumb move on my former company’s part, but the truth is that even proper stock photography and video houses have tons of crappy gaming-related images and video they are selling to ad agencies and internal marketing departments of corporations who simply don’t know any better. Here are just a few examples: These first two images are examples of stupid hardware.  Consider the first image and how ridiculously generic it is.  I realize that you cannot use the actual hardware with the PlayStation of Xbox logos, but you can cover that shit up. These two images are just plain lazy. What a beautiful family. Look how close they are, huddled up together. They must really love each other. Too bad three out of four of them appear to have never held an actual controller before. Hey, let's invite grandpa and grandma, too! By the way, why are the kids facing away from the TV, which is also not on? Is that how video games work? WHO CARES! I don't know about you, but when I'm gaming with my buddies, this is exactly how we look. Practically on top of each other and we may or may not be wearing any pants. Girls play games, too, you know! Also, thanks to the Wii, people think that motion controls are now an integral part of every game ever made. The PS2 had motion control, right? Why are they sitting on a table? Why are they swaying back and forth? Why are they yelling? Now, you may be thinking that I combed through stock photo site after stock photo site, looking for the worst of the worst but you would be wrong. These images were easy to find and they are all from reputable stock photography companies. You may have also noticed that these images are not cheap either. It’s not just photography though. Stock video is just as bad if not worse. Bask in the green glow of video games and technology! It’s so alien and possibly dangerous. Also, what is up with the girl in the back? Overly expressive gesticulation. Also, do people still pass the controller back and forth like a joint? Look at grandma and grandpa, playing the Xbox 36Wii! This is a great example of using hardware incorrectly or in a way that does not makes sense to an actual gamer. Also, there is a very good chance that this video can be used for Cialis, Viagra, or any other pill that makes your dick hard when the time is juuuuust right. This is wrong on many levels. It appears that at any moment they are going to swap partners and start a four-way. This girl is having a whirlwind of emotions. She may need to go on mood-altering medication. Lastly, you can cut the sexual tension here with a knife. These kids are clearly going to have unprotected sex any second here. Gaming is a gateway to sexual deviancy and children being born out of wedlock, everyone knows that. Also, Shaggy McBeardy clearly has never picked up a controller before and this is turning his girlfriend on. The people who created these stock images and videos are ignorant on so many levels it's laughable. The concept of video games is nothing novel by now and people in the advertising world are still relatively clueless about how gaming works. That brings me to a question for you: Has there ever been an ad that portrayed gaming so poorly, whether it was for a game related product or something completely unrelated that rubbed you the wrong way? Would this keep you from purchasing said product?  Let me know in the comments. Here's one for the road.
Promoted blog photo
Promoted from our community blogs!

[For our next promoted blog, SpielerDad takes us through the weird world of gaming stock photography and video. Prepare to laugh, cry and shake your head. - Pixie The Fairy]

As someone who has been gaming for nearly 30 years, I’ve seen the medium go from a childrens' pastime to mainstream entertainment. However, there is one thing that has not changed much:

Advertising agencies don’t understand gaming for shit.

This is coming from someone who has actually worked in and collaborates with ad agencies to this day, so I do have real world knowledge of this. I can tell you, without a shadow of a doubt the vast majority of them simply do not understand the core concepts of video games.

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Get your XCOM fix this year with the brutal Hard West

Aug 28 // Steven Hansen
[embed]308273:60179:0[/embed] At one point in my demo I had to rescue a man held on a cannibal farm because I needed information from him. An elixir vendor further south, when pressed about the cannibalism (information gleaned from earlier adventure), admitted some of that crew come into his shop to buy spices and things. He offered to vouch for me if I drank one of his elixirs. I did, and it was poison, which weakened me a bit. But I was also able to take that poison to a well near the farm and poison their water supply, thus weakening all my upcoming enemy combatants. Plus, with the snake oil salesman's help, I was able to stealth my way through my turns and to the hostage's shack. With my cover, enemies would get suspicious if I got too close for too long, but I was able to get through fairly easily. After the rescue, that upped our ranks to three, leaving me even better off for the impending slaughter. (An optional objective was to try the human meat, which would restore strength, but it could've had some drawbacks; I opted to avoid it). There are a number of cool options available within the tactical half. Like XCOM, you have to reload, sometimes after just one shot, because of the period guns. You can also hold up an enemy if you don't want to kill them (or don't want to kill them yet). There's also no overwatch phase, so if you know where an enemy is and they aren't expecting you, you can run up on them and unload. Hard West also challenges the random number generator. You can permanently lose characters (as I did, last minute, with my would-be informant); the game is not easy. But it tries to reward you for playing well, which all comes down to positioning. Accordingly, you don't have those point blank, 98% chance shots that somehow always miss when you need them most. If you get close enough, you were playing well, and you're rewarded with sure hits. Which is important when both you and your enemies can go down in one or two hits. There are plenty of other wrinkles in Hard West I'd like to explore. There is full/half cover, but you can also make your own cover by, say, flipping over a table in the middle of a room. There are also challenging richochet shots, which I didn't try out, and each gun has secondary fire (a spread cone for the shotgun, fanning for multiple pistol shots). Playing card modifiers also enhance your characters -- by greater degrees if you also make a poker hand. And I didn't get to the early promised bit about dynamic sunlight casting shadows that can alert you to enemy positions (and vice-versa). Hard West is coming to PC this fall.
Hands-on preview photo
Cowboys and strategy

With XCOM 2 just pushed back into 2016 and, I assume, everyone needing a short break from 1,000 hours of Invisible, Inc, strategy-minded folks seem to have a good option this fall: Hard West.

The Western turn-based strategy game cites XCOM, David Lynch, Stephen King, No Country For Old Men as influences, while I'm noticing some High Plains Drifter in its horror side, but it isn't just a carbon copy with a new theme.

Hard West is split into two levels. The over world is represented as a map with various points of interest. While you typically have an objective and a place you could go right away to advance the story (typical Western tale of hunting in revenge), but you can also explore bits in the map, engage in some light text adventuring, and set yourself up for the turn-based strategy (combat) sections.

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Hive Jump photo
Looks like a cool shooter


Watching this trailer for Hive Jump brings me back to old school shooters like the ones based on the Aliens franchise. I'm really loving the art direction, focus on multiplayer, and gunplay, but it appears as if we'll have to wait a bit longer to give it a go -- as it launches in 2016 (also for PC).

It also has amiibo support of some sort, though we'll likely get more details closer to launch.

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Hang out with Destructoid at PAX Prime 2015

Aug 28 // Steven Hansen
The general schedule of funsies is as follows: THURSDAY Join the Destructoid staff and community for some pre-PAX drinking and arcades at Gameworks (1511 7th Ave). Meet new folks, catch up with the homies, play Taiko Drum Master, and let me coax you into drinking strange liqueurs (round of Fernet? Round of Fernet) Let's say folks roll in around 8PM allowing time for dinners (find people to dine with!). FRIDAY Nothing "official" planned for today, but you've made so many new friends last night at Gameworks that you'll have no problem coming up with some great plans, eh? SATURDAY Elephant & Castle, it lives! Located in the Motif Hotel (formerly the Red Lion, 1415 5th Avenue), it's a fake English bar to remind you of home. You're all from England, right? Let's plan for typical convening around 8PM, but note that this joint does food, too. SUNDAY Our yearly picture, days into the show, when when we look near our worst, but new and old friendships have had time to ferment and everyone has that glint in their eye, probably from all the sex. (No one is allowed to have sex, this is a family website - Ed.). Be ready for your close up at 12PM at Pike St in front of the convention center. MONDAY I'm leaving. I probably should get home and feed my cat. But elsewise, to quote the much better at this Andy Dixon, "Monday means sad goodbyes to friends you don't see nearly enough, and as always, we'll be meeting up at Rock Bottom (1333 Fifth Ave) about 8pm." - Plans can always change. Stay frosty. Keep friends in the loop. Use any means of communication you got. Take pictures. Get hugs. Give hugs. Say no to drugs. Let's have a lovely weekend.
PAX Prime 2015 plans photo

PAX Prime is this weekend. It's a yearly, consumer-focused gaming convention held in rainy Seattle, Washington that always has a large turnout of Destructoid folks. And I'm not just talking about us writerly jagoffs, though we'll be there in force. I'm talking the lovely community members that make this site a great place to work at everyday while actually being mostly naked and at home. 

So let's hang out! All of us. We'll huddle under limited umbrellas because it's meant to rain all weekend, but that will just make us closer and wetter.

If you're making the trip, there are a number of ways to get coordinated with future besties, including a Facebook Messenger group that everyone is encouraged to join (figured it might be easier than GroupMe or similar group chat apps). Getting the Facebook Messenger app on your phone is recommended, but it also works with the regular site/app. Anyone in the group can add you, holler if you need in, or physically handcuff yourself to someone in the group and have them serve as your liaison.

Let's roll 50 deep into every establishment so it takes an hour to get your McDonalds order.

For newbies, Andy's old How to survive PAX post is full of advice I endorse fully. Note that on the staff end, the following jagoffs are in attendance: Steven Hansen, Jordan Devore, Kyle MacGregor, Brett Makedonski, Zack Furniss, Alissa McAloon, Alessandro Fillari, Myles Cox, and Mike Cosimano.

As an aside: Captain Merica is doing a fab job rebuilding out the regional groups registrar in his PAX Prime community blog...even if you're not going to PAX, there may be dtoiders closer than you think!

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Friday Night Fights - Chicken parts and PAX farts

Aug 28 // Mike Martin
New to FNF? Read this! Each week, a bunch of us Dtoiders get together to play videogames online! It's a 100% community-run event, so feel free to join in or even host something yourself! The planning for FNF starts in the forums, where community members sign up to host matches and post their pertinent details (game, time, Gamertag, etc.). Then, every Friday, reminder posts go up in the community blogs thanks to a dedicated group of volunteers, and I recap it all here on the front page to give it a bit more exposure. To join in, simply send a friend request to the match host! If you'd rather host something yourself, sound off in the comments section below! Tonight's Streamers: Add yourself in the comments if you are streaming! All games marked with * below, will be streamed. Click on the game title to be taken to the respective channel. Here's the up-to-date Streamtoid schedule. Wanna join in the fun? Send us an email! Tonight's Games:  Sign up to host in the comments below! Check the XBOX FNF blog for more info! Tonight's Games: Rocket League  (PS4) Host: Honey Nanaboo (PSN: Nanashi707) Time: 530pm PST | 830pm EST Payday 2: Crimewave Edition (PS4) Host: Two balls and a stick (PSN: Nanashi707) Time: 830pm PST | 1130pm EST Check out the PS FNF blog for more info! Tonight's Games: I'm too lazy to be witty Host: I'm too lazy to change the link this week too. Time: I don't know who I am anymore.  Check out the PS FNF blog for more info! Tonight's Games: Super Smash Brothers Host: StriderHoang (NID: StriderHoang) Time: 9pm PST | 12am EST Check out the Nintendo FNF blog for more info! Tonight's Games: Smurf is at Pax smelling like a da fish. Host: Smurfee McGee (NID: 4828-3774-2570) Time: 7pm PST | 10pm EST Check out the Nintendo FNF blog for more info! Tonight's Games: Team Fortress 2 (Early Game) Server: Time: 5pm PST | 8pm EST Team Fortress 2 (Late Game) Server: Time 9pm PST | 12am EST Check out the PC FNF Blog for more info! Free this weekend? Why not sign up to host something for Weekend Warriors?! It's like Friday Night Fights all weekend long! Sign up in the comments or Forum thread if you're interested! Saturday:  Sign up to host in the comments below! Sunday:  Sign up to host in the comments below! Check out the Weekend Warriors thread for more info! Sunday -Aug. 30th Zombi/Until Dawn Player: TheDefenstrator TwitchID:
Friday Night Fights photo
Game with the Dtoid Community!

First off, let's thank the amazing crew handling the new Friday Night Fight blog. You guys are amazing and I appreciate you all stepping up to the plate on this. As some of you may know, I haven't been going through the best of times. In fact, unless I can figure something out, this might be my last FNF post, as I'll be forced to resign (not by anyone here, but I can't hold a job if I can't do said job). Let's set sad shit aside though. It's Friday, let's play some games together.

Before we get to gaming though, check Steven's (he's so dreamy) Dtoid PAX guide here and also take a peek at Captain Murica's (I'd hit it) community meetup/PAX meetup guide here. Captain has the deets on avatar adoption as well.

Oops! Forgot to give a shout out to our newly launched Twitchtoid as well! Twitchtoid is a cabal of Dtoid streamers, using their personal channels, but organized under one banner. If you're interested in becoming a community streamer, please shoot me an email. I'll be doing my best to promote you guys and in some cases, provide games to stream.

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PAX gallery photo
Hardly any carpets (or sexy cosplay)

We're in Seattle chillin' out, maxin', PAX'ing all cool. Remember that if you, too, are in Seattle, you should come hang out with Destructoid staff and community members. We even managed to stake out an entire sports table last night dedicated to laughing at Florida sports teams (and, you know, other people were playing Street Fighter 3rd Strike, and stuff).

Anyways! We're running around doing work, but I wanted to take some pictures for yous guys. And not just the one of a Bullet Bill's butthole. I didn't take any pictures at last night's meet up because I was drinking and didn't have this fancy borrowed camera I clearly am an amateur at using, but there's a bunch on the web.

The Gungho logo (purple) looks like a g-spot vibrator.

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All that DLC you'll miss out on

Warner Bros. has finally officially canceled Mortal Kombat X for PS3 and Xbox 360 after delays and months of silence.

"After months of development, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has come to the regrettable conclusion that we cannot release Mortal Kombat X for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.  Please know our teams worked diligently to meet the quality standards set by the current-gen versions of the game.  We were not able to get the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions to the quality expected of a Mortal Kombat game and are very sorry for not being able to deliver the products as originally planned."

So there you have it, Warner Bros. couldn't get the quality it expected out of the game, so it did the right thing and canceled it instead of releasing a broken product. Good on you Warner Bros. and sorry to those who had wanted to play it on last generation consoles. 

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Live on scene at PAX Prime in Seattle

Venerable Super Mario villain Bullet Bill (really, villain? He just a bullet, he goes where he is shot, he has no say in the matter!) is most often seen in profile thanks to his 2D leanings.

However, if this official character mock up provided by Nintendo at its PAX Prime booth answers that age-old question: what does a Bullet Bill's butthole look like?

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Odin Sphere photo
A Vita pouch and a charm

Although it's only been announced for Japan so far, Amazon has a pre-order listing up for Odin Sphere package for 3,298 yen, and it looks great. In short, it comes with a PlayStation Vita pouch, lens cloth, and a material (potion) charm. It's important to note that this does not include the game, and is merely an extra.

I hope we get to see cool extras like this overseas -- it's been so long since Odin Sphere's release, and wouldn't mind picking up some of this stuff. The actual game will be released on January 14, 2016 on PS3, PS4, and Vita, and later in the year in the US.

Odin Sphere []

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Guilty Gear photo
Following BlazBlue

Back in July, BlazBlue invaded Phantasy Star Online 2. Now, Guilty Gear Xrd is getting a turn. Costumes for Sol, Ky (both male and female), Millia, May, and Elphelt are available as of the next update, scheduled for the fall.

I love these sort of wacky crossovers, I just wish the US would get an official Phantasy Star Online 2 client. Having played the original for years, I have dabbled with some workarounds, but a lot of my friends refuse to play it until it's officially released. C'mon Sega!

Guilty Gear [4Gamer]

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Hover photo
Now in Alpha 3.0


Even though I backed Hover: Revolt of Gamers back when the campaign launched, I didn't really dig into it until last month -- and man was it worth it. Now the development team has updated the game into the 3.0 alpha build, and the improvements are looking great.

If you're into the Jet Set Radio series, you owe it to yourself to at least watch the trailer.

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Mega Man Tribute photo
Reprint is on the way in December

The Mega Man Tribute artbook is a pretty wonderful little tome, and it's getting a reprint later this year. You can check out the awesome new cover art above, compliments of the amazing Hitoshi Ariga, and Jeffrey Cruz.

The re-release will be a hardcover edition, and will be sold for $44.99 on December 10. If you're into Mega Man art, I recommend it, but be warned -- all it basically has is art.

Mega Man Tribute HC [Amazon]

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Review: One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3

Aug 28 // Chris Carter
One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 (PC, PS3, PS4 [reviewed], Vita)Developer: Omega ForcePublisher: Bandai Namco GamesRelease: August 25 2015MSRP: $59.99 Pirate Warriors 3 is a reboot of sorts (within the confines of the Pirate series that is), taking us all the way back to the beginning. Players will get a recap of Gold Roger the Pirate King, and how his death sparked the search for the great One Piece treasure, ushering in the Great Age of Pirates. After briefly showing us a Young Luffy, stoked by the fires of adventure, the game jumps 10 years into the future as our hero begins to gather his crew, starting with the ruffian Zoro. It's ambitious, starting over like this, but it's a great starting point for players who enjoy Warriors games, and have no prior knowledge of One Piece's narrative. You'll even get all caught up with the Dressrosa arc, the most recent bit of story (albeit with a different ending). With all that in mind, this is a very brief recap indeed, with entire arcs condensed to a single mission. In that way it spreads itself thin in many ways, not to mention the odd design choice of starting all over on the third game in the series. Battles still follow the same Warriors beat 'em up formula you know and love, with light and heavy attacks that can be chained into combos. What's crazy this time around though is the introduction of the Kizuna system, which lends itself well to One Piece's insane over-the-top style. Here, you'll be able to call out teammates for attacks on a constant basis, as well as unleash gigantic supers with multiple crew members, culminating in an explosion that usually kills hundreds of people at once. It's a mixed bag though, because while said explosions look really cool, they're ultimately all the same despite what crew members you have in the mix. So while it's entertaining for the first 100 times, it loses its luster eventually. Also, the regular Kizuna attacks are a bit clunky, as there's a half second delay for your party members to jump in and do their thing. It's not a huge deal, but it definitely could have been handled better. [embed]308138:60166:0[/embed] As for the rest of the combat mechanics, they're rather on point, and as usual, I like to make the point that the system is much deeper than the "button mashing" scheme non-fans accuse the Warriors series of. For instance, Luffy, your first playable character, starts with 14 combos, all of which have a purpose when you're playing on higher difficulty levels. Plus with nearly 40 playable characters in all, the amount of variety on offer is nothing to sneeze at. You'll want to play on a higher difficulty too, because without it, the actual story scenarios will likely start to wear on you. Without a local partner to play with enemies tend to blend together throughout stages, and despite the mixing up of themes (military, rural), they all function basically in the same manner, with the same types of weapons. The dialogue is also poorly written at times, and doesn't do a great job of drawing you into the world beyond the out-of-mission cutscenes. But hot damn, is that world beautiful on PS4. The only time I ever saw a framerate hit was when Kizuna moves were being done in local co-op, but other than that, it's silky smooth. No matter how many enemies are on-screen the game is relatively stable, and it's easy to dash around an entire map and lay waste to hundreds of enemies at a time. While the mission objectives aren't innovative in any way, they nailed the hectic feel of the anime. The story follows the typical Warriors format of roughly 15 hours of gameplay, with 50 or more to try to max out every character. Of course, there's more modes available, including free play, and "Dream" mode, which is basically a remixed version of the story. The latter sees you jumping from island to island, fighting off enemies in unique scenarios and gaining new characters and bonuses in the process. As a note, online play is only available for story mode, but local co-op is enabled for every game type. One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3, from a gameplay standpoint, is simply "more Pirate Warriors 2." It doesn't really do anything new outside of the slightly different Kizuna system, and veterans will likely favor the Dream mode instead of the retreading story. Despite its Frankenstein-esque shortcomings, Pirate Warriors 3 is a beautiful game, and still a lot of fun to play locally.
One Piece review photo
From Straw Hat to Dressrosa

I haven't kept entirely up to date with One Piece, but I do read the summaries, and have caught most of the earlier arcs. It's a daunting task (the series has been running since 1997) in terms of the anime, and there's lots of filler involved, but the characters, for the most part, are interesting enough to watch. Plus, there's always the chance that we'll finally learn what the "One Piece" really is (it's going to be "family" isn't it?).

Thankfully, the games tend to side with brevity in favor of more action-oriented affairs.

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What other indie amiibo would you like to see now that Shovel Knight is confirmed?

Aug 28 // Chris Carter
Here's something to get you started: [embed]308237:60178:0[/embed]
amiibo photo
A Binding of Isaac amiibo would be rad

Now that the Shovel Knight amiibo is officially official, the floodgates have presumably been opened for other indie collaborations. While we aren't 100% sure that he'll appear in Super Smash Bros. as a guest character, I seriously doubt that Nintendo will stop at just one third-party mashup.

Personally, I'd love to see a Binding of Isaac amiibo. Sure it probably wouldn't be flea-ridden and gushing with blood, but the standard Isaac model would likely make it past the approval process. Plus, what better way to incentivize the 3DS and Wii U editions of the game than a tiny amiibo bonus?

Another game ripe for an amiibo is Runbow, whose standard character model is iconic enough on its own, not to mention open for plenty of variants. Plus, as a Wii U exclusive, it has plenty of wiggle room to negotiate with Nintendo.

How about you?

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Mighty No. 9 photo
Four levels, six challenges

As you may have heard, Mighty No. 9 was delayed recently into 2016. As an apology of sorts, backers will be able to access an "exclusive trial," which will run from September 15, for a full month on PC. It will include four levels, one of which hasn't been playable before, and six challenge mode stages. Additionally, the previously displayed stages will have new enemy placements, on top of a visual upgrade.

"All relevant cutscenes" are included since the single player is "basically done," as well as a variety of voice and subtitle options. Dialogue boxes can now be toggled, in addition to an 8-bit soundtrack mode. Finally, all backers will get a free code for Mighty Gunvolt on Steam.

It's a nice little gesture, but it probably would have been better served right at the announcement of the delay.

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XCOM 2 delayed into 2016

Aug 28 // Chris Carter
XCOM 2 photo
Well, it was just announced...

Welp. Just a few months after XCOM 2 was announced as a PC-exclusive bound for a 2015 release, 2K Games has relayed the news of a delay. It is now coming worldwide on February 5, 2016.

The reason for the delay? According to developer Firaxis, "more depth, replayability, and more investment in your soldiers, " as well as mod support. So, basically the core principles of an XCOM game. That all sounds good, and I'm completely ok with this. It'll be interesting to see if lightning can strike twice for Firaxis, and whether or not they'll bring it to other platforms.


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Metal Gear Solid V photo
I know, screw Konami


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is less than a week away, but for now, you can enjoy a really strange commercial involving a cardboard box wedding. It's more like an homage to the series, showing touching moments throughout multiple games, in addition to an advert for Phantom Pain.

Note! In the process of showing past clips from the series, it spoils a part of Metal Gear Solid 4. Then again, why haven't you played Guns of the Patriots yet?

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Mario Maker photo
The 'World' style still rocks


Nintendo is still feeding us information for Super Mario Maker, and this time, it's a quick look at the different styles available. As most of you know by now, the game has the original Super Mario Bros. 8-bit theme available, as well as Super Mario 3, World, and U.

The bad news is that a lot of the cool features (like the amiibo costumes) only work in 8-bit form. Expect our review next week.

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Borderlands movie photo
Can it top Tales from the Borderlands?

Borderlands is Gearbox's star property. Though The Pre-Sequel was kind of a letdown, Borderlands, Borderlands 2, and Tales from the Borderlands have all been critical and/or commercial successes. Of course 2K and Gearbox would want there to be a movie. Of course.

Lionsgate (The Hunger Games, Divergent) will be heading up production, but past that there isn't much known. Will it be live action or CG (I'm hoping for the latter, personally)? Will it take place before, during, or after the current events in the series? Will it star the Vault Hunters we already know and love or introduce a new set of characters? Will it actually be good (god I hope so)?

The Borderlands movie is set to be produced by Avi and Ari Arad, who are best known for working on superhero comic movies like Iron Man.

'The Hunger Games' studio Lionsgate is making a Borderlands movie [VentureBeat]

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Final Fantasy XIV photo
Lasts until September 7

Starting this week and running until September 7, 2015, Final Fantasy XIV will run the "Rising" event, complete with rewards and a few "guest appearances." The items include two minions, and celebratory fireworks.

The event is being held to "reflect on the Calamity" (an in-game event), and to fend off the festivities from a "terrible insect infestation." It will be held in Ul'dah, the Steps of Nald, at the coordinates 10, 10.

Again, I love that Square Enix holds events like these, and heavily injects lore into them -- it's a good excuse to get back into the game.

The Rising [Final Fantasy XIV]

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Lost Reavers photo
Still looks up in the air


I could go either way on Project Treasure, which has recently had a name switch into Lost Reavers. Shooting mummies with machine guns in a dungeon crawling format looks awesome, as do the Souls-esque boss fights, but the free-to-play scheme still has me worried.

This announcer though -- he's getting me more excited! Watch the trailer to see what I mean. A beta is coming if you happen to live in Japan.

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LawBreakers trailer photo
Gameplay trailer shows four classes

Two days ago we got the first reveal for Cliff Bleszinski's new arena shooter LawBreakers. Today we get a brief look at the gameplay and if I had to describe it with one word, that word would be "motion."

Each of the four classes shown has its own unique movement ability. Kitsune the Assassin has a grappling hook, which she uses to swing over the Grand Canyon. Breacher the Gunner has a floaty jump (and possibly a double jump -- it's hard to tell) and the ability to blind fire behind him. Maverick the Skirmisher is equipped with a jet pack and can ground pound for kills. Cronos the Titan is the only fighter shown rocket jumping.

Each of those have been done on their own, but typically arena shooters put everybody on the same playing field in terms of movement abilities (as with Tribes). The asymmetry here might be LawBreakers' big selling point.


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amiibo photo
Grab 'em

[Update: looks like most of them are gone. Try accessing them on a mobile browser or through the Target app.]

Still collecting amiibo? You'll find the Classic 30th Anniversary Mario, Dr. Mario, Olimar, Ganondorf, and Zero Suit Samus up at right now. Select amiibo like Rosalina and Jigglypuff are available as restocks.

As a note, Dr. Mario is exclusive to Target, and there's another variant for the 30th Anniversary Mario -- the "Modern" color. For a recap on every current amiibo that's been announced, check out our full listing here.

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Review: Disney Infinity 3.0

Aug 28 // Chris Carter
Disney Infinity 3.0 (PC, PS3, PS4 [reviewed], Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)Developer: Avalance Software / Ninja Theory / Studio Gobo / Sumo Digital / United Front GamesPublisher: Disney Interactive Studios / LucasArtsRelease: August 30, 2015MSRP: $64.99 (Starter Pack) / $34.99 (Play Set) / $13.99 (Characters) As is tradition in my toy-to-life reviews, let me break down how everything works. For $64.99, you'll get the Starter Pack, which includes the Twilight of the Republic campaign Play Set, the game, Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano figures, and a USB base. You're basically getting the 10- to 15-hour Republic story on top of the creation-centric Toy Box feature that the series is now known for. Rise Against the Empire and Force Awakens Play Sets are going to arrive at a later date, and Inside Out's Play Set will be available at launch. This review is only assessing the Starter Pack, but look out for coverage of other Play Sets in the future. Phew! With that out of the way, let's move onto the content actually included with the base game. At this point, it's safe to say that the collective of developers involved with the project has figured out how to craft a meaningful combat system. To prevent people from mashing buttons, delayed combo attacks have been implemented, as well as mechanics like juggling, and a launcher that's initiated by holding down the attack button. You can also launch an enemy with a lightsaber and juggle them with a blaster, then when they land, use a combo. [embed]307321:60117:0[/embed] In other words, it's easy for kids and parents alike to both enjoy themselves -- the more skilled party will be able to dig deep enough into the ability system and customization elements, and the other party can mostly just wing it. It's a much better balance than the LEGO games, which tend to be just family-friendly. In Disney Infinity 3.0, "hard" mode is akin to a normal setting in most action games, and "Extreme" can be rather tough at points, though artificially so with gigantic life pools for regular enemies. The characters themselves feel fresh, especially the force-wielding ones like Yoda and Anakin, who have access to force push and pull maneuvers on top of their unique super abilities and powers. For instance, Yoda can knock an enemy up in the air, use his super to instantly dash to someone across the room, combo them, and then dash back to catch the other foe. It's not as advanced as other top-notch action games, but it does feel like a marked improvement. As for the story pack, Twilight of the Republic takes a more traditional turn, compared to the one-map sandboxes of past Play Sets. Here, you'll fly between different hubs with your ships, consisting of individual planets like Naboo, Tatooine, Geonisis, and Coruscant, as well as the vast expanse of space in Star Fox-esque sequences, complete with barrel rolls and quick turns. I really dig the variety on offer here, because while the current Star Wars characters can't move about as freely as say, Iron Man or Spider-Man, the hubs all feel unique in their own way. Additionally, Disney is boasting that all Star Wars characters are compatible with all Star Wars Play Sets, which helps (albeit partially) solve the issue of having a bunch of toys that don't work, similar to how the Marvel worlds functioned. You still have to earn tokens to unlock the use of other characters, but they're more easily accessible, and you only need to find one rather than a series of them. Having said that, it's a bummer that the base game didn't come with more than just Star Wars. It would have been great to see a fully fledged Disney property (like Mickey's Toontown) since 1.0 was heavily Pixar-infused, and 2.0 was a Marvel joint. If you're keen on playing with every toy though, the Toy Box is still available. Not only can you create levels on your own with various setups like racing, adventure, and arena action, but you can also easily find stages online to play with one of the best hubs in the business. What makes Disney Infinity so great is that Disney curates content for you in addition to all of the usual fixins, and provides easy access to top-rated creations -- so it takes very little effort to find the "good stuff." I had access to a limited amount of levels pre-launch, which includes a Gravity Falls level with a log ride and roller coaster, as well as a rhythm memorization minigame, a seek-and-find puzzle, a stealth sequence, and of course, classic platforming levels. If you pre-order the game, you'll also net the Toy Box Takeover Play Set, which really should have been included in the base package for everyone. It's essentially Diablo, Infinity style, and you can use every character in the game. It's far more fun than "Escape from the Kyln" in 2.0 as it contains a procedurally generated dungeon in it as well as a host of fixed story levels, and will last you roughly three hours. Some purists are probably seething at the idea of fighting Darth Maul to the tune of Gitchee Gitchee Goo, but I'm completely okay with it, and I assume your kids will be too. Just like its predecessor, Disney Infinity 3.0 feels a bit limited by the lack of variety in the Starter Pack, but the good news is that the studio is still on track with its core mission to create an action game for all ages. Twilight of the Republic is still a fun way to spend your time, and the Toy Box Mode should keep you busy even if you don't intend on buying any more pricey add-ons. [This review is based on a retail build of the game provided by the publisher. All current Star Wars figures were provided as well for testing.]
Disney Infinity review photo
Use the toys, Luke

It's only been two years since the release of the first Disney Infinity, which managed to become a massive hit before venturing into Marvel territory in the second game. Now, Disney has tapped the Star Wars market, and its monolithic influence is set to destroy the wallets of parents everywhere.

This would be a bigger problem if the games weren't all that great, but thankfully, Disney Infinity 3.0 maintains the same level of quality as the last entry, with a few minor iterations. Did I mention it has Star Wars in it?

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Until Dawn photo
Working on a fix

It was odd, to say the least, to see Sony directly blocking Until Dawn archiving on Twitch, but according to the publisher, it was a mixup.

I reached out to Sony, who responded with the following note: "We are currently working on a fix that will enable archiving of Until Dawn Twitch streams as this feature was unintentionally disabled. We are humbled by the community reception of the game and are excited to see fans sharing experiences on Twitch and YouTube. We apologize for the inconvenience and will provide an update as soon as the issue has been resolved."

I mean, the move kind of made sense. It would be similar to streaming a movie that just released on Blu-ray -- the game is basically an interactive film, even more-so than a lot of other recent adventure efforts.

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DestrUKtoid photo
The tube is a scary place

The UK, it exists and Destructoid now has writers there. Great British Pounds. Eastenders. Steptoe and Son. The Destructoid UK Podcast (DestrUKtoid).

This week UK Editor Laura Dale is joined by Joe Parlock and Vikki Blake to talk about Gravity Ghost, Brighton amiibo news, Zombi, and our regular selection of terrible dad jokes.

Have a listen on iTunes or direct download.

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