Zeno Clash “The Pit” DLC is: free, awesome, now available

If you haven’t picked up Zeno Clash — undoubtedly call the most enjoyable Source-based, Chilean, 3D beatemup of the last six months — then perhaps the release of three new challenge levels will do something for you.

Yes, we reported on this earlier in the week, but I’ve just played the challenge levels and I’m here to tell you: they’re friggin’ great. Though the unimaginatively-titled “The Pit” content technically consists of only three new challenge levels, each of the new rooms last much longer than any two of the regular challenge rooms combined, and exhibit much more imaginative level design. 

As you can probably tell from the trailer, “The Pit” focuses more on vertical level progression (rather than simply beating all the enemies in a room, you’ve gotta beat one or two, then drop down a level, then beat a few more) and falling debris. Certain aspects of the gravity-centric gameplay are kind of depressing, like the fact that enemies seem to take no falling damage whatsoever unless they fall really far, but I’m honestly having more fun with these three new rooms than I did most all of the original challenge levels put together. Where those only provided near-identical fight scenarios from the campaign mode without all the narrative, “The Pit” provides some completely new mechanics and scenarios. 

At of the time of this writing, the 50% off sale is also still in effect. If you haven’t checked out Zeno Clash yet, now is unquestionably the time. 

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