Genshin Impact’s miHoYo teases Zenless Zone Zero

zenless zone zero teaser website mihoyo

Yet another TV-based teaser website

The weird obsession with CRT-based teaser websites continues, as miHoYo has launched a brand new countdown site for its incoming release Zenless Zone Zero — the mystery title will be officially revealed by the Genshin Impact developer in a live stream presentation scheduled for Friday, May 13.

The site, titled “Record of Unknown Time,” features an old-school CRT television set, a hefty stack of VHS tapes, several non-descript anime posters, and a calendar — marking off each day leading up to Friday’s reveal. Clicking on the TV’s control knob activates a fuzzy and unnerving audio report, alongside some snowy images. Clicking the control knob a second time offers us a close-up of the calendar as it ticks down toward the impending reveal date. Curious.

Little is known about Zenless Zone Zero (or “ZZZ“), though the general consensus is that — like Genshin Impact — it will be anime-themed open-world title, only with added shooter elements and set against the backdrop of a mysterious, world-ending anomaly known as “The Hollow.” ZZZ is believed to be a full-budgeted AAA release, and is being co-developed by miHoYo’s Asian and Canadian studios. Zenless Zone Zero will make its grand debut on Friday, so be sure to keep your eyes on Destructoid for the hot gossip pertaining to this intriguing game’s reveal.

Zenless Zone Zero: Record of Unknown Time teaser website [Official]

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