That’s a wrap for Zelda Week 2023

Zelda Week

A week’s worth of legends, myths, and spinning charge attacks

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is out. I’m sure many are reading this article on a Monday morning with tired eyes from a launch weekend full of exploration and adventures in Hyrule.

As part of this big launch, we kicked off another themed Zelda Week here at Destructoid. Throughout the week, our staff and contributors pitched in with stories, opinions, lists, analyses, and more, all about the Zelda franchise. It was a solid week full of articles that they should be proud of, and as the person that curated the whole thing, I’m very thankful for their contributions.

One of my biggest takeaways, as the week came together, was how expansive Zelda has become. It’s not just Link going on adventures. We had looks at what a fighting game, or Linkle-centered spin-off, might look like. Chris Moyse explored the legacy of fun, strange ads for the Zelda series, as they evolved over time and alongside pop culture. We looked at what place the titular princess has in the series, and how one big date may have marked a permanent shift in the series’ storytelling.

It was, by all accounts, an excellent week. So if you’re recuperating from a long weekend of playing Tears of the Kingdom and still craving some Zelda to read, here’s everything we put together from the last week of coverage.

Every Zelda Week article, 2023 edition

  • CJ kicks the week off with a look at the best quotes from The Legend of Zelda. Even though Link isn’t (normally) talkative, there’s quite a few good ones.
  • I, Eric, take one last trip through Breath of the Wild‘s Hyrule and its side quests, ahead of Tears of the Kingdom. After playing a good chunk of Tears, I feel pretty vindicated in my gut instincts on which side quests would carry some importance in the new game.
  • Chris Penwell ponders what a Zelda fighting game might look like, carrying some of that Soulcalibur II legacy forward in the process.
  • We re-shared CJ’s 30-year quest to beat Zelda II.

Tears of the Kingdom Korok

Still more Zelda on the way

That’s a wrap for this year’s Zelda Week, but it’s far from the end of our Zelda coverage. There is little doubt we’ll keep following Tears of the Kingdom, seeing what players do with it and developing more takes on it as time goes on.

We may even look at doing some more theme weeks this year, as there’s certainly no shortage of big launches in our future. But to our writers who contributed, and to everyone who clicked through and read, thank you for making Zelda Week 2023 a great one. See y’all in Hyrule.

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