YTMND Thursday: Cosby will eat your soul, edition

Thanks to everyone that keeps sending in YTMNDs. Everything I’ve been receiving has been great. Keep flooding my inbox with whatever you come across. Which one is making you ROLFLOLBBQLMAO this week?

Dtoider ZB made this clever YTMND. It’s about the Boston/Mooninites bullsh*t mashed up with All Your Base.

Russia’s apology for communism (Thanks Heywood!) 

Street Fighter characters dancing! (Thanks again Heywood!) 

Super Smash Bros YTMND style (…Heywood, you rock) 

Mothers play Double Dragon in real life. (This is really real. Anyone happen to have a YT link to this video? — Thanks Scott!) 

A funny song about the Wii (Thanks Alex!)

It’s easy to save the world with Fable!

A 9-year-old hums the Legend of Zelda theme.

Peter Moore Vs Ken Kutaragi (A very accurate compassion to how things are going right now, no?) 

Super Cosby 64. These will never get old to me.

Random Man Now Dog: Band of Brothers mashed with the Lucky Charms commercial.

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