YTMND Thursday: Caricatures edition

I’d like to spotlight Dtoiders Deiga the Semivaliant’s YTMND he did recently this week. It’s caricatures of popular YTMND fads. It’s really well done and features practically every YTMND fad evar! Look for some references to Destructoid in his drawings. 

Got a YTMND that I could use? Send me a link!

The evolution of G-man

Link finds a terrorist ad!!! (Thanks Heywood!) 

Caricatures of YTMND fads done by Dtoider Deiga the Semivaliant.  

Donkey Kong ties up some loose ends. Damn this is so cleaver! 

Only one of these FF3 characters is a girl. Can you guess which one? 

Destructoid makes another appearance on YTMND! Granted, it had to be about the old lolicon DS simulator game … but still! 

Jessica Chobot doesn’t like the taste of the PSP anymore

Accept Jesus, receive a PSP!

Also cocks!

“Hey guy, I’m mastering my Joystick!”

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