YTMND Thursday 09/28/06


I don’t like RPGs, but I think Super Mario RPG is THE greatest game ever made. So you can only imagine my school girl like shriek of joy when I heard this fan made rap-ish song based off of Mario RPG. What’s poppin to you this week?The English VS German Mario songOMFG! A Super Mario RPG rap song?!? AWESOME!!!The Koopa Bros (for all you Paper Mario fans)The YTMND Game Boy game. This so needs to be made.Kill Bill meets SonicAnother super hard short cut in Mario 64….Xbox 360 is Jesus?Garry’s Mod: Finding ForresterOrigins of DOOMRadio station tries to give away a Xbox 360, people try to scam them. So they smash it.Striker bitch punches Kitana

Hamza Aziz