YouTube Gaming app and standalone site shutting down tomorrow

To be integrated with main YouTube site

Google has announced that it will be shutting down the standalone version of Twitch-like streaming service YouTube Gaming tomorrow, May 30. The decision to call it a day on the independent version of the service was made last year, following the revelation that it simply wasn’t popular enough.

First launched back in 2015, the YouTube gaming app/website was created as a direct alternative to Twitch, the latter of which having become the go-to platform for streamers wishing to provide live content to millions of viewers worldwide. YouTube Gaming is now set to receive its own side-section on the main YouTube website, with Google hoping that by integrating the service into YouTube proper, it can strengthen its overall audience and userbase.

Speaking with Engadget, however, YouTube Gaming user Luke (Kwingsletsplays) said that the move might be damaging for those who have committed to the platform, noting that YouTube’s main site preferences massively popular video games – such as Fortnite – overall, and would make it more difficult for those not playing globally-successful titles to get noticed.

As for Twitch, the platform continues to be top of the streaming services in regards to users and content produced. Figures gathered by analytics company Newzoo claim that, just this year – around 64,000 users have produced almost two million hours of content. Live-streaming continues to be a popular and, for some, incredibly lucrative business, with no signs of slowing down just yet.

YouTube Gaming will merge with main site after Thursday [Engadget]

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