Your new hobby: Building sand castles in Konami’s WiiWare title, Sandy Beach

With summer winding down, it looks like the beach days for many will be behind us. It looks like your sand castle building days are numbered, right? Don’t worry, Konami has the answer — an action-strategy title called Sandy Beach coming to WiiWare this Fall.

Sandy Beach will allow gamers to create and form elaborate sand castles using the Wii remote. You’ll then be able to take pictures of your creations and save them in a gallery. But things aren’t so peaceful on the shores of Sandy Beach — beware, as you’ll have to fend off invading crabs, determined to crush your designs, in the game’s “Crab Battle” mode. 

The game will also feature a cooperative mode, so you won’t have to build on your own. Or, you know, you could just go to the park and play in a sandbox.

Nick Chester