You will shed a single tear for obese Sonic

There’s something to be said about games — and our imaginations, even — that allow us to create our own goals and rules that exist outside of what the designers envisioned. If you don’t follow, I’m talking about something as simple (or is it?) as not getting any rings in Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

There’s an incredible thread on NeoGAF about people who “hack” videogame ROMs, and yes, it’s relevant. A person going by the name of Captain Bozo has taken the aforementioned avoid-touching-rings rule to startling new heights. Each ring you consume makes Sonic fatter, and … just watch the video already.

The fact that his extra weight isn’t purely cosmetic makes this project brilliant. My hope for humanity has been rekindled — I sincerely mean that. Bravo, good sir!

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