You don’t need a GamePad to play ZombiU

Well, just ‘Zombi’ now

To date, ZombiU has been one of the best (and only) non-Nintendo published Wii U exclusives. It has turned into something of a cult classic, as many have praised the way that it felt more like a survival game and resisted turning into a high-octane shooter. However, it suffered as a launch title on a slowly-adopted console; the game was deemed “unprofitable” and plans for a sequel were scrapped.

However, like any zombie worth its salt, ZombiU is coming back to life — this time on PS4 and Xbox One — but re-titled simply as Zombi. Obviously, those platforms lack the GamePad controller functionality of the Wii U, but that drawback isn’t much of a hindrance at all. Zombi still shines brightly without it.

Now, that’s not to say that a standard controller is just as good as a GamePad. It’s not, plain and simple. Managing inventory with the GamePad is snappier. It’s easier to switch weapons quickly (when you forgot to assign them to slots) or to use a health item. Those extra few seconds might not seem like much, but it’s noticeable when a few of the undead are shuffling ever-closer to you.

Still, it’s not anywhere near a deal-breaker. The Xbox One controller and DualShock 4 are serviceable in their one-button press menu summoning. It all just requires a little bit more care. Honestly, if you’re playing Zombi carelessly, menu navigation is the least of your concerns.

There are some other slight drawbacks in the Xbox One version of Zombi. Textures and character models seem a bit outdated, which can be expected from a game that launched before current consoles released. Also, the frame-rate tends to dip when action gets too thick.

Those annoyances are nothing too detrimental to Zombi, though. The captivating environment and the unique survivor-after-survivor gameplay easily overshadow the flaws. And, we shouldn’t view the switch from GamePad to regular controllers as a downgrade; we should view it as a fantastic opportunity for a wider audience to experience everything Zombi has to offer.

Brett Makedonski
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