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Squanch Games’ newest release High on Life has certainly gotten a lot of buzz this year, for better and for worse. The game has been highly anticipated by Justin Roiland fans, and has at the very least encouraged curiosity among the core gamer base. High on Life is finally out today, and there are plenty of surprises waiting ahead, including the fact that you can watch four different licensed full-length movies in the game, as well as a bunch of new shorts from Justin Roiland and pals.

Basically, there’s a TV in the living room of the player character’s house, and instead of just having a blank screen sitting there, the developers decided it would be more fun to create, and license, some content that players could actually watch, if they wanted to. I will say that there is something cozy to me in hunkering down in your house to watch TV while you’re supposed to be out saving the world.

There are over twenty animated shorts in the game, many of which are parodies of the classic TV commercials and infomercials that we know and love. Executive producer Matty Studivan said that Roiland had been wanted to get back to the popular “Interdimensional Cable” bit from Rick & Morty, and that the game was a way to breathe new life into the idea.

The real star of the show here, though, are those four full-length movies. These include the 1994 sci-fi comedy Tammy & The T-Rex, as well as 1978 horror film Vampire Hookers, 1987 slasher Blood Harvest, and we’re still waiting for confirmation on what the fourth one is. You can sit down and watch a movie when it comes on, and the movies will change depending on what part of the game you’re in. The official High on Life Twitter even issued a warning to streamers because some of the movies apparently have nudity in them, so I guess there’s that to look forward to.

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