You can play Windjammers 2 right now (kinda)

The closest we’ll get to a sequel

Windjammers on the Neo Geo has to be probably one of my favorite multiplayer experiences of all time. Unfortunately if you’d like to actually play it today it’s going to cost you hundreds of dollars as well as a plethora of eBay headaches — and that’s if you already own a Neo Geo.

With no word on a potential sequel to Windjammers, Valiant Interactive is stepping up to the plate with Gyrodisc Super League, their own take on the classic Windjammers formula. The best part is you can play the early demo build right now, for zero dollars. Valiant is planning on bringing a lot more features to the playing field, such as 2v2 multiplayer, crazier super moves, bigger arenas, and so on.

If you’re totally into that sort of thing or you just straight up don’t have money or the patience to buy a Neo Geo and an original copy of Windjammers (which you still should do), Gyrodisc Super League is available for voting on Steam Greenlight after you check out the demo on

Gyrodisc Super League [Steam Greenlight]

Myles Cox