You can play the Silent Hills teaser P.T. on PC now, sort of

Remade P.T. in Unity for PC

Konami may have pulled P.T. from PlayStation Network and canceled Silent Hills, but that hasn’t stopped Farhan Qureshi from recreating the playable teaser in Unity for PC and releasing it for free. Qureshi is self-described as “an aspiring game developer living in Calgary, Alberta,” and recreated P.T. to showcase it at a workshop he will be teaching.

PuniTy, as it is being called, was made in about a month by Qureshi and can be downloaded for free here. I haven’t had a chance to play it myself, but judging by the Internet’s reaction, people are pretty happy with the results even if it isn’t a 100% recreation.

I’d grab it now if you want to play. I can’t imagine Konami will be too happy with the project, though it’s not like the company is losing money. 

PuniTy – PT Hallway Recreation [The Outline]

Jed Whitaker