You can now watch a full playthrough of the Portal VR demo

Tremble before the science giant

For the last few months Valve have been using a brand new Portal game to show off their Vive VR headset. Short clips of the demo have surfaced online in bits and pieces, but thanks to a recent game jam in London, you can now watch a playthrough of the entire VR Portal demo.

So, what happens in this demo? Well, you find a tiny world inside a desk draw, become the god like science giant to a race of tiny creatures, repair a robot and bump into an old friend.

I know I personally found the ending to Portal 2 a satisfying end point for that  world, but that’s not to say I don’t crave more Portal every waking day. For now, this is about as close as I’ll be getting. Still, more Portal is always a good thing.

Laura Dale