You can now play Beyond Oasis while sitting in Agua Caliente

SEGA Forever will go on forever!

There once was a time when rival game companies were willing to bring the fight straight to Nintendo’s biggest franchises. Beyond Oasis was one of Sega’s attempts to best The Legend of Zelda series and while it was moderately successful in its day, the series has since faded into obscurity after a rather plain Sega Saturn prequel. Regardless of all that history and rumination on what could have been, the Genesis classic will now get a second lease on life thanks to SEGA Forever.

Available on iOS and Android, this new port of Beyond Oasis will include such modern amenities like cloud saving, Bluetooth controller support and leaderboards. It is also completely free with some limited ad support, though you can pay $1.99 to remove them. Not a bad deal, if you ask me.

I think my strong bias for Nintendo’s legendary series has tainted my perception of any copycats. Beyond Oasis definitely has a strong art direction, but I could never quite get into its story or mechanics. I should give it a fair shot someday, since I would like to see other developers at least attempt to make a Zelda-like adventure.

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