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You can now (kind of) play Super Mario Run for free

Everyone say “Thank you, Chris Pratt”

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Super Mario Run, Nintendo’s middlingly successful attempt to bring a full Mario experience to mobile devices, has always followed a freemium model. As of a recent update, the app appears to be leaning a little closer to the “free” side of that portmanteau than before.

The 3.0.27 update, released as part of an advertising push for The Super Mario Bros. Movie, allows players to play one stage every day for free. You can play that one stage as many times as you’d like during that one-day window, but once that window is over, the stage will be locked again.

Still not fully free

You still can’t play all of Super Mario Run unless you fork over a few dollars. Only one level will be available per day, and not every level will become available during the event. The event also only runs until May 31, so this isn’t a permanent change to the Super Mario Run model. Still, it’s the biggest chunk of content that’s ever been available for non-paying players.

Normally, only the first world, the Toad Rally mode, and the Remix 10 mode are available for free in Super Mario Run. All of those offerings are, of course, still available for free in addition to the daily free stages. For the duration of the event, you’ll also be able to unlock the rest of the worlds without time-gated restrictions at a discounted rate. While the full game normally costs $9.99, during the event you can snag it for $4.99.

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