You can now create cross-platform parties in PUBG

Cross-play was already a thing

Last year, Sony started to relax its cross-play initiative, seemingly fueled by a meaningless marketing term: “PlayStation is the best place to play.” As it turns out PlayStation is a fine place to play, but it would be even greater if you can play with more people: like the PC, Switch and Xbox One platforms already allowed.

Fortnite kicked off that full, actual cross-play trend, and many other games have since followed suit. That list includes PUBG, which is adding a new feature in the mix in addition to that basic cross-play functionality: cross-party play on consoles. So this one is really simple. The friend list on PUBG now supports multiple platforms, so you can actually play with friends directly across, say, Xbox One and PS4. Said list will actually show the platform they play on and will allow you to invite anyone.

PUBG is also getting an 8v8 team deathmatch mode with patch 6.2 (FPP, or, first-person perspective only), as well as sweeping grenade changes (led by 20% less damage with frags to prone players), a rework of the peeking/leaning mechanic, a waypoint feature for the map, a more clear Blue Zone (read: the encroaching, deadly wall that defines battle royale games), and a follow feature for parachuting.

If you’re a hardcore player there’s a lot more to pore over, but that’s the big stuff!

PUBG Update 6.2 [PUBG]

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