You can now control your PS4 with an iOS device

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If you boot up your PS4 you’ll be staring at an “update now” message and might be wondering what it entails: well, it’s mostly about iOS remote play this week. As part of update 6.50 you’ll be able to control your PS4 with an iOS device. The app sports an on-screen controller layout as well as a keyboard for messaging and even voice chat support. While a lot of people are probably going “no one asked for this,” well, it’s actually a nice surprise.

Anyone who regularly games socially will probably love the idea of an all-inclusive app that allows them to message people, voice chat and operate their PS4 in one go. It’s a stark upgrade from the standalone messaging app that only does one thing. Now I can redeem a code, talk to someone, browse my games, clear space and download something to play later on the go. An official free app also beats out the premium jailbreak-required offerings in the past.

Based on my tests it’s extremely responsive and the portrait mode has a cool little Game Boy UI where the screen is at the top! Landscape looks like the image above.

PS4 Remote Play [iOS]

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