You can grab Rising Storm: Game of the Year edition for free from Humble right now

War; What is it good for?

With all the buzz surrounding Call of Duty‘s return to World War II, now seems like a great time to jump back into the past and relive some of the best FPS games from last generation. One of the more overlooked titles, Rising Storm, was originally released as a standalone expansion to Red Orchestra 2 and it focused on the Pacific front, something that the new Call of Duty is completely overlooking.

If you’re keen to see a different side of “The World’s Greatest Generation,” you can now do so for free thanks to Humble Bundle. Over on the Humble Storm, Rising Storm is being given out gratis for the next 20 or so hours (at time of writing). Seeing as how the game also includes access to Red Orchestra 2’s multiplayer, you could potentially find your next favorite game to hold you over until Call of Duty.

If nothing else, you can add this to your backlog and then wonder, years down the line, when you actually got the game. That is what happened to me (since this was offered for free on Steam a few years ago and I already had it).

Rising Storm: Game of the Year Edition [Humble Store]

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