You can get an Xbox One bundle for as cheap as $200

It’ll require trading in some hardware

Microsoft and various retailers have really upped their game with regard to attempting to move Xbox Ones this holiday season. Best Buy’s the latest example, and it’s offering the biggest savings yet. The only catch is that you’ll have to part with some hardware to earn the discount.

Until November 15, Best Buy’s giving customers $150 toward the purchase of an Xbox One when they trade in either an Xbox 360 with a 250GB hard drive or a PlayStation 3 slim model. Given that Microsoft’s already slashed the price of its Kinect-less Xbox One bundles to $350 until 2015, taking advantage of this deal could net you a new Xbox One for $200 out-of-pocket.

As if that weren’t enough, November 8 is a particularly lucrative day to take advantage of this deal. On Saturday only, Best Buy’s holding a holiday shopping event where all purchases of a new Xbox One come with a free 12-month subscription to Xbox Live Gold.

It’s worth noting that the fine print states that the traded console must be in “working condition,” meaning that it must power on, not be damaged, and have its warranty seal intact. Although, the description of the deal also states that customers simply need trade in any working Xbox 360 or PS3, so there’s a chance that it’s not necessarily only the high-end newer models that will be accepted.

However, Best Buy isn’t the only option for great savings on these consoles. Microsoft Stores are giving $100 toward the purchase of an Xbox One with the trade in of an Xbox 360 or PS3. The same “working condition” restrictions apply, but this deal isn’t confined to specific models; you should be able to trade in any Xbox 360 or PS3. This deal isn’t quite as grand, as it costs $250 out-of-pocket, but it runs until December 31 in the event that you can’t turn it around before Best Buy’s offer expires.

After a poor initial showing out of the gate a year ago, Microsoft’s doing everything it can to ensure that its console fares better this holiday. With savings like these, it’s easy to imagine that plenty of households will have new Xbox Ones soon enough.

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