You can get a free Pokemon Legends mask right now via mystery gift

free Pokemon Legends mask

The Shiny Baneful Fox Mask

The Pokemon Company is currently running a distribution event for a free Pokemon Legends mask: just claim it through the mystery gift functionality!

Confirmed through the Play Pokemon Twitter account, this is indeed a cosmetic mask and not an actual Pokemon distribution, as is customary for most mainline games (on top of functional items like Pokeballs). That same account has confirmed that the distribution event will run from June 22, 2022 through June 1, 2023 at 5AM PT. So if you’re putting this off for nearly a year, just remember that you need to wake up early that day.

The actual prize is called the “Shiny Baneful Fox Mask,” which is “inspired by the Hisuian Snow animation.” Hey, that’s still kind of fresh! The third (and final) episode literally just debuted on the official Pokemon YouTube channel this week, featuring a young boy named Alec living in the Pokemon Legends timeline.

There’s a lot of potential to deliver more innovative mystery gifts like this, and masks in Legends is a decent start. But there’s so much more the team can do with the system, especially when you consider the last two years leading to a bigger rise in online gaming. Hopefully Scarlet and Violet will capitalize on some of that potential.

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