Pokemon Legends is getting its first distribution event soon (Update)

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Piplup distribution event

It also works for BDSP

[Update: The Piplup Pokemon Legends distribution event has expanded to South Korea, providing hope that it’ll come to more regions in the future.]

A Pokemon Legends distribution event is happening soon, and it involves the adorable Piplup. It’s Japan-only at the moment, but there’s a chance it could be reworked and come westward at some point.

The distribution is happening via the Pokemon Center chain, and will actually provide two different versions of Piplup depending on what versions of Pokemon you own. So Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl have their own edition, and Pokemon Legends, for one of its first-ever events, will have another.

If you’re in Japan, all you need to do is enter a store in that chain and tell the staff the “keyword” of “Piplup Daisuki.” They’ll present you with a serial code to acquire the creature via mystery gift. The center stores are also doing a ton of promotion for Piplup in general, with plush toys, glassware, figures, and plates for sale, on top of a “Project Piplup” web comic collection given out for purchases over 3,000 yen.

The event will be held in Japan from February 5 through February 24, 2022. Note that while this is tied to a specific Japan-centric chain right now, it could come westward in a different format.

Pokemon Legends distribution for Piplup details:

  • February 5-24, 2022 in Japan
  • Participating stores:
    Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo
    Pokemon Center Osaka
    Pokemon Center Kanazawa
  • Keyword to tell staff for the serial code: “Piplup Daisuki”
  • Works for Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, as well as Legends
  • Merch below

Pokemon Legends distribution 2

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