You can chat with cam girls and play Virtua Fighter 5 in Yakuza 6

Chatting with virtual girls within a virtual world, it’s getting deeper…

Chatting with cam girls within a game…where do I even begin? If interacting with video game women wasn’t fake enough, now you can indulge yourself in a seemingly complex live chat system as one of the new play spots in Yakuza 6 (side activities not unlike bowling or drinking in Grand Theft Auto). There is a point system where certain girls require a certain amount of points to chat with. Videos also seem to be available.

This is one of the latest additions to a series that portrays Japan “realistically,” such as having accurate environments resembling real-life Japan, karaoke, arcades, and uhh this (3:44). So yes, sometimes a little goofy. But good goofy.

Also added are Hostess Clubs with a card game. If you aren’t familiar, Hostess Clubs (otherwise known as Cabaret Clubs) are places where men go to be served by a beautiful “hostess” who serves food, drinks, lights cigarettes, and in general pampers the man in every way but sexual favors. Apparently in the game if you get the hostess excited enough, you can…hmm, what’s an appropriate word — “court” her. That’s where the the game becomes a fantasy, though: it’s not a sex shop and they’re strict to the workers. What? No, I didn’t try!

Along with improved karaoke, darts, mahjong, and batting centers, several video games are playable in their entirety within Yakuza 6 including Super Hang On and Space Harrier, which seem to be in every Sega game, along with Outrun, Fantasy Zone, and Puyo Puyo, the last of which is two-player compatible. Most notable however is the inclusion of Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown, the latest entry in the Virtua Fighter series (ignoring mobile titles). This will also have a two-player mode. Wonder if this could create interest in a new Virtua Fighter game? Maybe you can take Beat Takeshi, a famous Japanese comedian who will appear in the game, to the arcade with you.

I have been putting off this series for far too long, and I feel ashamed for learning so much without playing them. They seem like just the right mix of realism and stupid that I love, not to mention I live in Japan. I never really played Virtua Fighter myself despite loving 3D fighters and it being perhaps the most influential 3D fighting series out there. This will be my chance to try it out. It’s about damn time I start Yakuza.

[Via Gematsu, Kotaku

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