You are invited: Lets make some TtWaV music and/or videos

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Hey everybody! Remember that Talking to Women about Videogames thing I was doing for a while? Yeah, that was pretty weird. Even weirder was the fact that a lot of people who watched the show told me that they really liked the opening theme. Some people even sang it in the shower! Naked! I was touched, so touched that I decided to write and record a full version of the song (in both Wildly Produced and Unplugged mixes). After that, I threw the original theme and some other stuff in with it, and called it an “album”. You can get it for dirt cheap right now at Bandcamp. It comes with a bunch of pictures and a secret bonus track.

That’s just the start of it though. I’ve reached out to a few of gaming’s best and brightest composers and asked them to remix the song. I’ve heard some of their works in progress, and I couldn’t be happier with how things are coming a long. 

We’re also working on a music video for the full length version of the song, which sounds like overkill now that I’m actually typing it out, but whatever. It’s still going to happen. So far we’re about halfway done with patching it together. This clip, created by the one and only McFlyGold, is just a sample of what the full video has to offer.

Want to get involved with a remix and/or the video? Hit the jump for more details.

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So the plan is to have the video and the remixes done by December 14th. If you want to do a remix and you can get it to me before then, then it’ll be in the running to be released along side the “celebrity” remixes on the Talking to Women about Videogames: The Remixes compilation. If you make the cut, your song will be put up on Bandcamp with the rest of the tracks on the album, and all the profits from the sales will go directly to you (other than the cut that Bandcamp takes, which is a lot smaller than the huge chunk that iTunes claims from every sale). The songs will be sold for $.50 minimum, but it will be up to the buyer to decide how much they want to pay. Oh, and you’ll need a PayPal account to get paid. 

As for the video, it’s a similar thing. We’re hoping for the final product done by December 14th, to be released alongside the remix album. The video is going to be like a cross between We Come Together by Goldfish and the classic animation Lesko’s Revenge by Neil Cicierega. That leaves a lot of room for little 2-12 second animations. Do you want to make one? If so, go for it! I can’t guarentee we’ll be able to use it, but I’ll do my best. Unlike with the remixes, contributing to the video can’t be a profit deal, but if your contribution makes the cut, you will definitely be credited in the credits. 

I’ve provided a few free tracks on the Bandcamp page for you remixers. All that’s up there right now is the instrumental version of the unplugged cut, and the “clean” recording of the vocals. You can use them in your remix, or write something totally original and just call it a remix. You can do whatever you want! It’s entirely up to you. Anything goes! That said, it would probably be good if you mentioned talking and videogames in your song somewhere, but that’s by no means a perquisite for success. If you need something more specific for your remix, email me at [email protected] and I’ll do my best to help you.

For you video people, I’ve supplied you with a pictures of myself looking expressive. Do with them what you will, and if you need more, let me know.  If you want to make me look like a terrible person, that wont be held against you. The most more interesting, expressive, and appropriate for the song your clips/animations are, the better. If I look bad in the process, that’s totally good! You don’t have to use the pictures either,. Make your own drawing, sprite-based graphics, cut-out animations, whatever you want! Just try to keep between 2 and 12 seconds long. If it’s longer than 12 seconds, we’ll probably have to cut it down or not use it at all.

To submit a remix or video, drop a link to your creation in this post, or email me directly. I promise to listen to and/or watch everything submitted, and will do my best to give feedback on your work, regardless of if it’s used or not in the final product.

I’m really excited about the prospect of teaming up with you guys. Lets hope this all works out!

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