Yo-Kai Watch anime is back in August with double the episodes

August at 12:30 PM ET

Having enjoyed the first season of Yo-Kai Watch anime, I’m definitely down for more. And a lot more is coming, it seems, as Level-5 announced today that 50 episodes will be arriving on Disney XD, starting on August 1 at 12:30PM ET.

The publisher recently revealed that while the sales for the initial 3DS release were lower than expected in the US, the show is doing swimmingly. No plans have been shared in regards to bringing the films west, but given this bit of news, they probably aren’t far off — even if it’s just in video format.

Also, all 26 episodes of the first season are currently on Neflix — the show seems to have been removed from the official YouTube channel outside of the first episode.

Chris Carter
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