Yes! Hilarious Jazzpunk coming to PS4 with new Quake-spoof multiplayer mode

Wedding Qake!

Jazzpunk came out almost two years ago, but I still think about it a lot. The “modernist Cold War cyberpunk game” is one of the rare examples of a legitimately funny game and I’m hoping it can get a new life in the just announced, upcoming PS4 version. If you like surrealist humor, it is perfect for you.

There are some secret additions to the single-player, but perhaps the biggest change is expanding the “Wedding Qake” minigame — a “full-on parody of multiplayer old school deathmatch games like Unreal Tournament, Goldeneye, and Quake 3 Arena” — into a full, four player splitscreen multiplayer mode, “featuring unlockable characters, new levels, and fresh implements of devastating MATRIMONY.”

Steven Hansen