Yes, Crusader Kings II is still getting DLC

Deals on CKII as Monks and Mystics DLC goes live

Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan, and perhaps even Emperor Justinian (if we are to believe the Secret History) all possessed by the devil himself. Is that the case with your medieval monarch in Crusader Kings II? Well, the strategy game that won’t die is getting yet another DLC, Monks and Mystics, with an emphasis on holy and anti-holy orders alike.

Best part is it’s even on sale along with the Crusader Kings II base game and a few of the other more recently released DLC packs. GMG is holding the first discount on the new Monks and Mystics DLC and the best discount online from Crusader Kings II at $8.57. No coupons or other hassles, just login or create an account to see the deal.

New Crusader Kings II Deals

Other DLC packs are also on sale at Bundle Stars. There you’ll find Charlemagne, Horse Lords, The Reaper’s Due, and more 50% off. These discounts and GMG’s will go through Friday, March 10.

2012’s Crusader Kings II is still getting DLC released in 2017? Paradox Interactive must be doing something right. The 15% discount is at least some savings for the CKII fan who faithfully buys the new DLC as it comes out. 

Monks and Mystics adds several new features to the game players might enjoy. Monastic Orders are given new options, devil worship is an option for your ruler, and new events are added to the game with secret societies playing a huge role.

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