Yakuza 0 should now be less prone to crashes on PC

But there’s more work left to be done

The brawl is back on. Sega released a patch for Yakuza 0 on PC that fixes crashes during cutscenes, gameplay, a fight in Chapter 10, and while rematching an opponent in the Pocket Circuit mini-game.

If these notes sound strangely familiar, that’s because the developers attempted to put out a similar update last week but ultimately had to pull it as new issues cropped up for certain players. Now, it seems, they got it right. The re-launched patch is available today on Steam. Go invest in real estate!

“Your continued patience and support have been greatly appreciated,” said Sega. “We’re continuing to work on the other issues some of you are experiencing and will have more information for you soon.”

Are any of you playing Yakuza 0 for the first time? If so, I’m curious to hear how that’s going.

The Patch is Back! Patch 1 re-launches 13 August [Steam]

Jordan Devore
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