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Yacht Club has announced that a mainline Shovel Knight sequel is in development

Now you know everything I do.

As part of the Yacht Club Presents stream, the developer has finally announced that a new mainline game in the Shovel Knight series is in production. There’s no name, release window, or basically anything else, so the rest of this article is going to be pretty sparse.

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Shovel Knight is celebrating its 10th Anniversary since its release in 2014. A lot of announcements have been made today involving the franchise, but while DLC and a new definitive version of the original are exciting revelations in their own right, many fans will no doubt find this the most exciting bit of news.

Except, once again, that’s essentially all we know.

Yacht Club is promising that this isn’t going to be “just another sequel,” but will be a “bold new adventure that will launch Shovel Knight into an entirely new dimension of gaming.” I almost need to put that last part in a second set of quotes. They go on to say that you should “rest assured” as the sequel will bring “electrifying action, richer mechanics, and all the timeless charm you expect from a Shovel Knight title.” Okay.

In the meantime, Yacht Club is still hard at work on the fantastic-looking Mina the Hollower, which also got some of its gameplay highlighted during the stream. There’s also been spin-offs like Shovel Knight Dig and Shovel Knight: Pocket Dungeon. Fans haven’t been left wanting, but it feels like the time is right for a sequel.

Yacht Club hasn’t announced a name, release window, or platforms for the Shovel Knight sequel, yet.

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