XCOM 2: War of the Chosen’s Skirmishers are my kind of faction

Never-ending grapples

That debut trailer for the new XCOM 2 expansion had a hell of a lot going on. In the weeks since the full reveal for War of the Chosen, Firaxis has been putting out more focused videos including one on the Assassin, one on the Reaper, and now, today, one on the Skirmisher. These are my dudes right here.

They’re mobile, grapple-centric characters capable of pulling themselves across the map with ease and yanking foes toward them for a clean shot. Skirmishers can also get to a point where, among other abilities, they’re able to take an action after each enemy takes theirs. All that, and they look cool.

War of the Chosen isn’t due out until August 29, so there’s plenty left to see, too.

Jordan Devore
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