Xbox Taiwan is looking for an ‘angel’

We get (no offense, Larry, we love you) a dude as an Xbox spokesperson, while Taiwan is doing their best to find a great-looking young girl to do the same job. We get Major Nelson. They get an Xbox Angel.

Xbox Taiwan is holding an open casting call for lovely females to take on the role of Xbox Angel. Siliconerasays that four semi-finalists from a bevy of gamer girls will be selected by a panel of judges, and the winner will be announced on August 18th. 

This Angel will work to promote the Xbox brand on Facebook and the like, host Live events, and write a column. The winner also gets, of course, an Xbox 360, a three month Live card (really?), and about $1,090 for three month’s work. 

If you have Microsoft Silverlight installed, you can browse through the galleries of girls here. And what kind of name is Rabby?

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