Xbox Series X/S Japan launch sales far surpass those of Xbox One

xbox series x s japan sales

Over 100,000 hardware units sold in first year

It seems that Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S hardware found better footing in Japan than its predecessor, Xbox One. According to new figures noted by Famitsu, the new hardware has sold 100,000 units in its launch year, a number that Xbox One hardware reached some four years after release.

The sales figures break down individually as 64,284 Xbox Series X consoles, with its kid brother, Xbox Series S, having sold 38,307 units for a grand total of 102,591 units. Yeah, I’ve had some college. Data analyst Benji Sales predicts that Xbox Series X/S is likely to overtake Xbox One’s Japanese lifetime sales record before the end of this year.

The Xbox’s success, however, is unlikely to trouble the dominance of Sony’s PlayStation 5 in the Japanese marketplace. The PS5 has sold in the region of 1.1 million consoles in Japan since its November 2020 launch — a success that has been mirrored in other territories, such as the UK. Both Microsoft and Sony have achieved these impressive sales numbers despite industrial supply chain shortages, which see both platforms still readily unavailable to customers almost a year on from their respective launches.

Xbox Series X/S sells 100,000 units in Japan []

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