Xbox Series X is fine so far, but Game Pass is the superstar

Xbox keeping older games playable

No matter who you are!

Game Pass is arguably one the best deals in gaming, but saying the same about the Xbox Series X at the moment is pushing it. It’s difficult to gloat about the Series X hardware when it really doesn’t have much to show for it yet, aside from making last-gen games look and run a lot better.

However, that is also where Xbox Game Pass shines even more on the Series X. Today on Impulse, Justin and myself are breaking down what we think about the console so far and showcase the various games we’ve been playing in 4K HDR! We also take a stab at making some predictions on how this box named X could shake things up down the road.

So take a seat in your favorite chair and let the vapor chamber take you to the sights and sounds of the next-generation of two dudes talking about video games on the internet. Truly, exciting times ahead!

Dan Roemer
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