Xbox Series X has a really handy filter for quickly finding your games that have next-gen upgrades

If this doesn’t get you hyped, nothing will

Seeing as how Xbox Series S/X is completely backward compatible with Xbox One, a lot of people are going to have a new console that populates a very large library of already-owned games. But, how to quickly find the games that get the most horsepower out of the Xbox Series S/X?

Microsoft has created a nice quality-of-life filter that sorts by games that are optimized for Xbox Series S/X. Xbox’s Major Nelson showed it off this morning:

Why does a filtering option warrant a post on a prestigious website such as Because it’s actually quite useful. You don’t need to keep tabs on extra reading material (such as our list of Smart Delivery games) to know which titles have that next-gen razzle dazzle. The filter does the heavy lifting.

Another option — which is easier on button-clicking fingers but tougher on the eyes — is to peep the tiles that have the X|S badge. That also indicates optimizations, but it won’t make you feel as savvy. Filtering will make you feel like you’re an Excel power user or something. That’s the excitement everyone wants out of next-gen: To feel like you’re competently and efficiently using spreadsheet software.

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