Xbox One X benchmarks show us just how powerful the new console really is

As reported by Digital Foundry

This isn’t 100% confirmed by Microsoft yet, but the reliable folks over at Digital Foundry have reportedly obtained “a fat pile of GPU benchmarks,” which, in non-nerd speak, essentially translates to how well games will run on Xbox One X.

Based on code names and genres we can discern the targeted resolution, FPS, and DX versions of various games, like Forza and Gears of War. But as the below video points out this is just an initial salvo of games, the real info is discerning how far the Xbox One X can push itself from a hardware standpoint.

Now, based on PIX, a hardware analysis tool, we can discern that Forza 7 uses roughly 78% of the original Xbox One’s GPU, and will run at 1080p at 77FPS. Swap that to the Xbox One X in 4K, and it only takes 66% of its GPU to push 91FPS — adding credence to the claim at E3 that there’s “power to spare.” Note that not every game will be perfectly native though, as some third-party titles are already confirmed to have used checkerboard techniques.

The entire report is worth checking out, and even though it’s not final information it’s what the developers are currently targeting now. In other words it looks good for the Xbox One X in that titles will be optimized at launch, and not years down the line like the track for the original Xbox One.

Chris Carter
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