Xbox One S bundles reap $100 bonuses in Cyber Monday sale

Early benjamin savings? You betcha.

We’re still a bit ahead of Cyber Monday, but not all retailers are willing to wait until Monday to have a grab at your wallet! Xbox One S offers are popping up across the web. Thus far we count select retailers on eBay Deals and Microsoft Store as the best pick for Cyber Monday.

On eBay Deals we’re looking at a $100 extra value to an Xbox One S console if you were to buy before the holiday season. Right now on eBay, you’ll find the usual $50 discount on Xbox One S console bundles, plus a bonus $50 eBay Gift card that can be used for future purchases (e.g. extra games and/or accessories).

The Microsoft Store is keeping their Black Friday offering going for the weekend, and there is no question they are excellent values. You get the same $50 off as eBay plus a $25 Gift Card, and a free game of your choice. So far, the game choices are probably around ~$25 in value, making this a similar value proposition for you to ponder.

Microsoft Store Xbox One Bundles

eBay Deals Xbox One Bundles

Walmart Xbox One Bundle

Free game choices at the Microsoft Store: Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, The Crew, Far Cry Primal, Rare Replay, Gears of Wars Ultimate Edition, and 6 more titles. Depending on what you pick up, the extra free game has a Black Friday value of between $15 and $35 value to them.

One last retailer to mention is Walmart who is tossing in a free 4K Movie and a bonus $20 Gift Card with select Xbox One S purchases. The offer isn’t as strong dollar-wise as Microsoft or eBay, but is great if you get the “Storm Grey” Xbox One S Battlefield 1 Bundle, which is sold out at most retailers.

Spot some other great Cyber Monday deals for Microsoft’s console? Let us know and we’ll add. Looking for the PS4? Deals roundup for that puppy during Cyber Monday is forth coming once the deals are sorted through.

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