Xbox One bundles are $50 off and include a free game at the Microsoft Store

The freebie is a Ubisoft title, of course

We’ve mentioned this briefly in the weekend deals roundup last weekend, but the sales event is noteworthy enough for its own post. Until March 28, all Xbox Ones will be $50 off at most major retailers (think: Best Buy, Target, Walmart). If you must get an Xbox One in the near future for upcoming exclusives such as Quantum Break… then this is as good of a time as any.

Just as before, the best place to pick up an Xbox One during a sales promotion is at the Microsoft Store. At the retailer, when you pick up an Xbox One bundle, you’ll also receive a free game of your choice from a selection of three: Watch Dogs, The Crew, and Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate.

In our opinion, the best offers here are the Quantum Break and The Division bundles as they are newer titles. The 1TB Holiday Bundle is also a good choice as it includes collection of games such as Gears of Wars: Ultimate Edition along with Rare Replay.

For hardcore gamers who want that extra performance (and if your pocket is just that much deeper), the Xbox One Elite bundle is also a good deal, given discounts on the unit are few and far between.

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