Xbox One avatars are getting an extreme makeover

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The underrated anouncement from Microsoft at this year’s E3 is the fresh new avatars coming later this year. They are much more animate and have higher quality models than before, now resembling the park-goers from Planet Coaster. There is a much better color wheel and options to use a wheelchair or even a robotic arm. Of course there are many costumes as well (don’t expect them to be free).

I loved fooling around with my avatar and looking at all my friends avatars on Xbox 360, especially when you could scroll left and right through your friends and see their avatars with their toys and what not. The Xbox One has never entered my home (or many homes in Japan for that matter), so I never realized they didn’t really update the avatars at all from 360, which was quite surprising to me. On top of just playing Barbie with them, I loved their use in 1 vs. 100, the return of which may make me consider an Xbox One. May.

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