Microsoft is testing out a ‘night mode’ for Xbox

The Xbox Series X and S side by side

Ease the burden on your eyes when you’re up late playing games

A new “night mode” has started testing in the Alpha Skip-Ahead ring for Xbox Insiders. The new setting lets users mess with their screen settings, as well as controller and power button, to make it less straining for late-night players.

As noticed by The Verge, this night mode has a pretty solid number of features for easing eye burden at night. There’s a blue light filter and some different dimming options, for taking care of the screen brightness. Users can also dim the brightness on their Xbox controller’s LED, as well as dim or turn off the Xbox power button using the Xbox night mode.

You can see The Verge’s hands-on testing here:

You can set the Xbox night mode on a schedule too, or just manually toggle it. It’s only for Xbox Insiders at the moment, though hopefully that means it will be rolling out to all Xbox users in due time.

Any option to reduce eye strain is a great idea, in my book. As both I, and other folks who look at screens for work all day can probably attest, having some options to deal with blue light and other brightness settings as the day goes on can be very helpful.

There’s also some very nice considerations in here I wouldn’t have thought of, like the console power button and controller brightness. Gone are the days of taping over the power button, I guess? Hopefully, for the eye-strained Xbox owners, this will roll out to all users in due time.

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